Summer courses abroad in 2024

What will you do this summer? Why not travel and study at the same time? Here are some good options for summer school courses abroad:

Studying abroad during the summer is an awesome opportunity for you as a college student to spice up your education with a bit of adventure. Imagine immersing yourself in a new culture, picking up some language skills, and meeting people from all over the globe, all while getting your study on! It’s not just a blast, but also a super smart move for your future career.

When you study abroad, you gain perspectives you’d never get in a regular classroom. It’s a chance to push your boundaries, grow your independence, and seriously beef up your resume. Employers love seeing that international experience. And who knows, the connections you make out there could open doors you didn’t even know existed. Plus, you’re guaranteed to come back with stories that nobody else can top!

4 reasons to take a language course abroad this summer

  1. Language courses are very flexible when you take them at language schools abroad. You can start several times a month and choose how many weeks you want to study. Most schools have courses from total beginner to advanced level. The schools have a minimum age that is usually 16 or 18, but there is no upper limit. Most students are between 18 and 30 years old.
  2. You quickly improve your language skills and your CV. There is no quicker way to learn a language than to study it in a country where it is spoken. What about studying Japanese in Tokyo, Korean in Korea, German in Germany, Italian in Italy, French in France, Spanish in Spain or English in Ireland?
  3. Your accommodation will be cheaper than if you are a tourist. For around 200 Euros or dollars per week you can usually stay in one of the language schools host families or a shared apartments. For that price you would not get more than two nights in a hotel room.
  4. You will meet people and get friends from all over the world. The language schools arrange a lot of activities and they have students from many different countries. All of you are in the same situation so it is easy to get to know people. Maybe you will even meet your big love… At least you are guaranteed to improve your language skills :-)

Find recommended schools and read more about language schools abroad.

Crash courses in web development and design

Here is a summer school that can change your life! Take a crash course in Web development, UX/UI Design, Data Analytics or Cyber Security and change your career. After a course of 8-9 weeks you have a good chance to get a job in this field. Ironhack offers crasch courses in Barcelona, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Lisbon and Miami. They also offer online courses.

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Many universities also offer summer courses. Below you can find recommended universities, colleges and language schools for summer courses abroad:

Schools where you can study a Summer course

More information

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