Can I apply for a student visa with provisional results?

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I applied for foundation of medicine in University of Newcastle and got a conditional offer. Shortly thereafter I sent my predicted grades and the school sent ''That’s ok, you can get your provisional results certified for now and send us your final certificate when you receive it in March. Are you back in UAE ? If that is the case we can refer you to one of our trusted education agent who will help you to get your documents certified and to later make the visa application''.

Im not really looking into applying through an agent though. So how can i apply for visa online?

Asked by: Shirin Mujeeb, 11 months ago


I don't know so much of the visa application process to the UK since our primary audience is EU-citizens who currently don't need a student visa to study in England. I don't think that you can apply with a conditional offer but you can double check this with the school or the British Embassy in your country.

Here are somemore information about student visa to the UK:

We have a partner that can help out with applications to the UK, fill out our information request form if you want their help.

Answered by: Johan from, 2018-12-10 11:10:28 This is an accepted answer.

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