Can I get a degree abroad without enough money?

Can I get the bachelor of medical without enough money, could I get loan for tuition fee and for education by foreign's govt? Can I study by getting fund or loans? 

Asked by: Zainab, 3 weeks ago


It depends on where you are from, how much money you have and where you want to study. EU-students often have the right to student loans from their home country or other EU-countries where they study. Non-EU-students will have to look elsewhere for funding. Either to get loans in your home country or if the university where you want to study has loans and/or scholarships for talented students. So read about financing on the websites of the universities that you are interested in and contact these schools directly for more advice.

Full scholarships are very rare and to get a student visa you will need to show that you have enough money to pay for both your tuition fee and your living costs in your chosen country of study so for a program like medicine you will definitely need some money on your own.

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