coe and other requirements for japan student visa?

You mentioned that coe will not be rejected mostly for western students. but what about students from india? How hard it is to get a japanese visa for a student who is in late twenties and also want to change their career path? Is it okay or not to have time gap in between the education?

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Yes, unfortunately, it is harder to get a student visa to Japan if you are from India and many other Asian countries, but it is not impossible. How hard it is will differ from year to year and even between different parts of Japan. It depends on how many Indian students who are applying to Japan and how well Indian students currently in Japan have behaved.

The Japanese authorities are primarily concerned that students apply for a student visa with the wrong intentions, i.e. primarily to work or do other things than study. Your job on the visa application is to prove that you are a serious student and that you have the funding to support yourself while you study in Japan, and that you plan to return home once your studies are done. So put some work into the question about your reasons to study in Japan. When you are in your late twenties it is good to state career purposes.

It is not so good to have a gap in your CV where there is no work or studies, but as long as it was not too long and you can give a good explanation to what you were doing at this time it should be ok. Good luck with your application!

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