How do I apply for studies abroad?

I have finished my bachelors studies in a college here in the Philippines. I have been working in the field for almost 3 years now as a licensed professional teacher. Am I eligible to take a masters study abroad (particularly in the US)? Or do I have to take certain subjects or further my studies since I am very sure that the standards of education there is higher than what we have here? If so, what are the things that I should look out for and prepare? Thank you very much. 

Asked by: Chris Majam, 1 year ago


Normally a Bachelor's Degree from a recognised university would fulfil the basic prerequisites to get accepted to a Master program abroad. However, different programs will have different requirements. If you want to study at Master level in the US you will usually need to pass some tests. Check the requirements from the school that you are interested in and prepare for the:

  • TOEFL-test to prove that your English level is good enough.
  • GRE-test which is demanded for Master programs at some schools and increase your chances to get accepted at others.

We can help you with preparatory English language courses and we have a partner who can help you to apply to US universities. Fill out an information request if you want to get more help.

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