How much money do I actually need to prepare for CoE to Japan?


My university(2years course) has already applied for the CoE but it takes so long and last week they ask about bank account balance. I had only $16000 on my own. My support is in Japan and they are not my family.

So is this amount enough for 2 years considering that a family supports my life in Japan? If this amount is less than they expect can they wait to proof from my own family? Or they decline?

Asked by: Zara, 1 year ago


There is no fixed amount that works in every situation. How much money you need to have depends on the costs of the school where you are studying, how long you are going to study, your nationality and the demands by the immigration office handling the applications in the area of your school. In my experience 1500000 yen per year is an amount they often ask for. That would currently equal 17400 Canadian dollars or 13275 US-dollar. However, this is just an average amount from my experience.

The answer lies with your school. They should be able to tell you how much money you need so my advice is to talk to the school. If what you submitted is not enough the school should tell you so when they check your application. Once your application is complete they will translate the relevant parts to Japanese and submit it to the Immigration office. They are the ones who will judge your application and issue a CoE that the school will send to you once it is ready and your course is paid for. Read more in our article student visa to Japan.

I think they should be able to accept a letter of sponsorship from the family that supports you in Japan as long as they pledge to do so and can motivate why they want to support you. But otherwise having your own family as the sponsor on paper would be easier, regardless of who pays in the end. Everything takes time with the immigration authorities so try to submit everything they ask for as soon as possible and check with the school if anything is unclear. They are the only ones who can answer specific questions like this.

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