Can I get admission to a university in Japan?

I get 546 marks in 2nd year out of 1100 can I get admission in any university in Japan?

Asked by: Shahbaz, 1 year ago


This question is impossible to answer. I don't even know where you are from or what grading system you are referring to. You need to have graduated from high school to be eligible for a student visa to Japan and to apply for most universities world wide. However, each university set their own admission requirements so it is impossible to guarantee that a certain grade will give you admission. It depends on which university you apply for and what subject you want to study. To study at high ranking universities you will need top grades. Check the admission requirements of the university that you are interested in and read more in our article how to apply to universities abroad?

Here you can find universities and language schools in Japan. Currently we don't work with universities in Japan, but we can help you to get in touch with Japanese language schools if you fill out an information request.

Answered by: Johan from, 2018-09-21 16:46:31 This is an accepted answer.

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