Visa application process time?

Hi. I am applying for Australian student Visa from Malaysia this week. I am just waiting for my COE. 

I wanted to ask if it is necessary to get the medical check up to apply for the visa? Is it okay if i just get the medical done without them asking me later to do it?

And same about the biometric, is it necessary to get it done? And when do i have to do that? Before the visa application or after? 

Im looking forward for your prompt reply.

Thank you

Asked by: Muhammad Hammad, 9 months ago


This is a question for the Australian Embassy or the Australian Immigration authorities. The rules change now and then and they differ depending on your nationality and other factors. I am not able to answer this kind of questions regarding personal applications.

We have outlined the general process in our article student visa to Australia. You will get more detailed instructions on what you need to submit once you have registered online and started your application.

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Answered by: Johan from, 2019-01-14 21:06:11 This is an accepted answer.

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