What is the possibility of getting a student visa in japan?

I'm from the Philippines and i am planning to apply for a student visa in japan next year. The problem is, my sponsor is not family related. I want to know if the japanese government allows a non- family related foreign sponsors for sudent visa. What are my chances?

Thank you.

Asked by: Emmylou, 4 years ago


As far as I am aware you do not need to be related to your sponsor. As long as he or she pledges to sponsor you, explains his or her relationship to you and can show enough money/income I think it should be ok. However, I cannot put any number on how big your chances are. This is up to the school and the Japanese Immigration authorities to judge. Primarily they will want to make sure that you can pay for your studies and living costs and that your main purpose with coming to Japan is to study and not to work.

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