Which are the best language schools in Tokyo?

Hi! I am an American who wants to learn to speak Japanese as quickly as possible. Which schools would you recommend for this purpose in Tokyo?

Asked by: Jaime, 2 years ago


We have many years experience of Japanese language schools. There is no school that is "best" for everyone. It depends on who you are and what you want to achieve. However, here are three language schools in Tokyo that we are happy to recommend:

  • Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute is a high ranking language school located in the student area Takadanobaba a couple of stations north of Shinjuku. They have an innovative teaching method which makes learning Japanese fast and fun.
  • Waseda BK Japanese Language Courses is located in Asakusabashi in Eastern Tokyo close to Akihabara and the Sumida river. They give a 50% tuition discount to US passport holders so here you will get the best price for a long term course.
  • Genki Japanese and Culture School has a central location in Shinjuku next to the Hanozono shrine. It is a predominantly western language school with small classes and flexible start dates which makes it perfect for short term courses.

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