Which work permit document do I need for Japan?


I read your article on visa application in Japan ( https://www.dreamstudiesabroad.com/articles/student-visa-japan)

I will hopefully receive my CoE next week. I'm planning to work up to 28 hours next to stuying japanese at a language school in Tokyo. Therefore I'm interested in getting a permit to work part time.

Which one out of these two documents should I fill out and show at the airport?
– https://yosida.com/forms/work.pdf
– https://www.tuj.ac.jp/ug/visa/pdf/work-permit-application.pdf

Thanks for any help in advance.

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Asked by: Daniel, 8 months ago


Both forms are valid, which one to use depends on how and where you apply:

  1. The first time you enter Japan on a student visa you can apply directly in the airport using the simple form on the link above.
  2. If you forget to apply in the airport, or if you need to renew your work permit due to an extended student visa, the procedure is more complicated. Then you visit the local Immigration Bureau and bring your passport, residence card and a filled in copy of the longer application form (tuj above) which can be downloaded from from the Immigration Bureau of Japan website. This will take a couple of weeks and a couple of visits to the Immigration Bureau so we recommend that you apply in the airport.

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