Can Africans and South Asians apply to study abroad with you?

Why can African and South Asian Students not apply to all schools?

Asked by: Eliza, 3 years ago


Thanks for your question! First let me make it very clear that DreamStudies help students of all nationalities with free information about studying abroad. This is what we do and all resources on this website are available and in most cases applicable to everyone.

Getting help to apply through us and our partners

We work with schools and application partners from all over the world and together with them we can help students from all over the world (including Africa and South East Asia) to study abroad in many different countries (including the US, Canada, Europe, Malaysia etc.) as long as they have the budget to cover their costs and they can get a student visa. However, some of our schools and partners (primarily in Korea and Australia) do not accept students from all nationalities from us, the agreements limit which students we can actively help to their school. This is their decision which is out of our control. The reason for this is one of the following:

  • That the partner has an exclusive agreement with someone else in your region so we are not allowed to send them students from certain nationalities or continents.
  • That it is very difficult for certain nationalities to get visas to the country of study. In that case, the school would only accept applications from local agencies (based in your home country or nearby) who are experts on the specific visa regulations for your nationality.
  • That the school have caps on how many students they can take from each country so they only allow us to send them students from specified areas that they don't have so many students from.
  • That we would have to guarantee that the student will come legally purely with the purpose of studying and will not runaway or work without a permit. If a student abuses this promise we would be punished by fines, and that is a risk we cannot take, so therefore we cannot actively help nationalities who fall under this rule to those schools.

Can you study abroad and what do you need to apply?

You can study abroad almost everywhere in the world (including Korea and Australia)! If we or our partners cannot help you, you can apply on your own by contacting the university directly or with the help of a local agency in your area. To study abroad you usually need the following:

  1. A passport that is valid for the time you want to study abroad. Please note that some countries (for example the US), sometimes ban certain nationalities from entry, so check the embassy website of the country you want to study in if you think this might apply to your country.
  2. If you apply for higher education abroad (or other long term programs that require a student visa) you usually need a high school diploma that shows you have completed at least 12 years of school.
  3. You will need the funding to pay for your tuition fees and living costs. For language courses abroad you would usually need to show at least $10000 USD to get a visa, for college you often need $25000 or more, and for full degrees, you would need much more in most countries. Without the appropriate funding, it is very hard to get accepted to a school abroad or to get the student visa you would need. Some schools offer scholarships and financial aid, but they are usually hard to get on the undergraduate level and seldom cover all your expenses so the amounts mentioned above are needed in most cases.

Here is some help to plan your studies abroad:

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