Will I get a student visa to Canada?

my marks are maths 45 physics 70 chrmistry 70 english 92 and physical education 80

i want apply for computer programmes

my ielts score is 6.5 not less than 6.

will i get the study visa for canada?

Asked by: sanidhya, 4 months ago


The first step is to apply and get accepted to a university in Canada and prove to them that you have enough money to pay for your tuition fee and living costs. Then the school will give you the documents you need to start your visa application. The Canadian immigration authorities will then decide whether they will grant you a student visa or not. Their decision will primarily be based on your ability to pay for your stay in Canada, whether they judge you to be a security risk (based on your criminal record etc) and your health condition.

This decision is entirely in the hand of the Canadian authorities so I can only outline the process above, we can never guarantee that you get a student visa or not. And we cannot judge your chances of being accepted to universities based on a few grades.

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