We help international schools and study abroad providers to get in touch with and recruit international students. We promote you online world wide and offline in Scandinavia.

What we can do for you

We help you find and recruit international students. This is done primarily through the internet but also through offline marketing in Sweden and Scandinavia. We will provide you with flexible solutions and full control over how you are represented. We offer you:

  • Visibility online: you will get your own pages on our main websites where you have full control over the content and can link back to your own site. Your school pages will be promoted throughout our network of websites in English and Swedish. We also do online marketing on third party websites and social media.
  • Student recruitment: online and offline through presentations, information evenings, school visits, fairs and similar events in Sweden and the neighbouring countries. We can arrange these events for you and if you don't have the possibility to attend we will represent your school.
  • Students from all over the world: we have received requests from students in 200 different countries. About 50% of the requests we receive are from Swedish students. Other big nationalities are Scandinavians and Americans.
  • CSN-assistance: Swedish students can apply for grants and loans from the government body CSN. We are experts on Swedish CSN-funding and can help your school and your Swedish students with the CSN-application documents.
  • Free information to students: on our websites and we always help students free of charge to answer their questions and supply quality information about studying abroad.
  • Website optimization: we have many years experience with website optimization and we can help our schools with advice on how to make their websites more attractive to students.
  • Flexible agreements: we offer flexible agreements where you can choose if you want primarily a commission/discount based agreement, a fixed marketing fee, or a combination of the two.

Also see the page about DreamStudies. Don't hesitate to contact us if you are intrested in a cooperation if you represent an international school or similar organisation (see below).

What we are looking for

We are looking for quality schools and providers who are interested in international students in general and Swedish students in particular. All the below is of interest:

  • Universities
  • Colleges
  • Hotel Schools
  • Design Schools
  • Language Schools (but not junior programs)
  • Other Schools
  • Accommodation providers
  • Education agencies looking for win-win partnerships
  • Other service providers for international students

We focus on recruitment and quality information to students. So we are looking for schools that don't mind dealing directly with students. Students will pay directly to your school and you will manage booked students.

Since Sweden is our strongest market we are primarily looking for schools and organizations that currently don't have any representation in Sweden or want to increase their visibility here. Feel free to contact us if you match the above list.

What we are not looking for

Please note that we are not looking for providers that don't have any connection with studies for example suppliers of pure work or volunteering programs. Our main target group is students aged 18-30 so we are not interested in schools that only cater for juniors. We do things in a new way so if you are looking for a very traditional agency that do all the student administration, primarily meet students offline and only work on commission we are not the right option for you.

We have no interest in SEO-services, app development, maillists, sales support and similar services. Any such requests will be unanswered.

Download our Study Abroad Handbook

Download our Study Abroad Handbook

Download a free study abroad handbook! 25 pages filled with advice to help you plan your studies abroad step by step. Click here.

Facts about DreamStudies

Address and meeting

We are based in Stockholm, Sweden. Please contact us if you want to book a meeting.


Do you want to get in touch with us by phone? Leave your phone number and a message outlining what you want to discuss, then we will get back to you. We do not give student support by phone.

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