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Terms and conditions for the scholarship

The application deadline is 15 December each year. If you apply after this date, your application will be considered when we review the applications for the following year, provided that you have chosen a start date the year after that.

Several applications. We only accept one application per person. If for any reason you submit your application twice then we will ignore the first application. If you apply three or more times, we will ignore all your applications.

The scholarship winner is appointed by DreamStudies’ Board of Directors and is made official in the second half of January each year. The decision can not be appealed. We are unable to answer questions about individual applications. The scholarship is personal and can not be transferred to anyone else. However, DreamStudies reserves the right to split the scholarship amount between two different applicants.

Payment: We want to make sure that the scholarship is used for the intended purpose. If possible, we will pay the scholarship directly to the school as an installment towards your tuition fee, about one month before the start of the course. Otherwise, we will pay the scholarship to you after the school has certified that you have started your studies with them.

Not a full scholarship: You should be aware that this is not a full scholarship. You will still need money on your own if you want to study abroad.

Change of school and start date. The scholarship is awarded based on the information you provide in the application. Smaller adjustments of start date and program are ok, but your studies should start during the year the scholarship is awarded. Changing school is only accepted if you can prove that you were not accepted to the school you specified in the application and that you subsequently get accepted at a school and program that we judge to be equivalent.

Unutilized scholarship. If you change your plans or for any other reason do not choose to use your scholarship it will be forfeit. The scholarship will not be awarded for other purposes than the program that was stated in the application.

Tell us about your studies. If you are awarded our scholarship, you are expected to write a blog post or record a video that we will post on our websites, during your first month abroad. There you get the chance to tell others about your study abroad experience. We will send more instructions to the winner.

Personal information. We will not share your personal information with anyone. We will announce the scholarship winner by name but not with any contact details.

For more instructions see DreamStudies' study abroad scholarship (opens in a new window). By submitting the scholarship application you also accept our conditions for personal data etc.

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