Adachi Education Group

Having 17 vocational schools and 1 Japanese language school in Japan. Studying in our school will help you to gain the professional skill and experience you need for your dream career.

Why Study at Adachi Education Group?

Career and life support: In Adachi Education Group, we understand that studying in a foreign country may not be easy. That is why we will provide different support to our international students in Japan. Our student life supporter staff will help students on issues like finding dormitory, Japanese learning, or job hunting. We will keep providing suppport before the enrollment until our students have purchased their dream career. 

Practice specialized course: Our vocational school aim to help our students to become one of many professional in Japan. Students in our school will be able to work on different projects with different professionals, our graduates and many famous cooperations. In these projects, students can build up their experience and skills and use them to perfect their resume. 

Optional course: In many circumstances, students will be required to obtain knowledge or experience which is not related to their program. Therefore, our vocational school allow students to take optional course of other related professional. It will help them to think outside of their own profession and cooperate with other professionals easier. We aim to create a realistic working environment in our school and help our students to gain a better understanding of their dream career. 

Alumni network: We are proud to say that our students who graduated from our school are currently active in various industries and big corporations in Japan. For example, the famous author of Attack on Titan, Hajime Isayama (Manga Department); or those who are working for Ikea Japan, Capcom, AEON, Japan Airlines, etc. Each year our graduated students and their company will provide internship and working opportunities to our students. It aims to help our students to connect with the industry as soon as possible.

Program and courses

Adachi Education Group Japanese Language School 

As all course of our vocational school will be taught in Japanese, student will be required to obtain Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N2 level of Japanese before enrollment. 

Our Japanese program will cost 6 months to 2 years depends on students Japanese level. The semester will start in April, July and October. In the school you will be able to choose 1 of the 3 courses which are Japanese & Professional practice course, Comprehensive Japanese course and Business course according to your needs. 

Vocational School (Senmon Gakko) 

We have 17 schools all over Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Kyushu. Students can study all our subjects in these 4 areas. Be aware that the location of your campus will not affect your job opportunity in other regions. 

Major Areas of Study 

- Design  

(Graphic Design, Visual Image Design, Illustration, Comic Illustration, Manga, Figure Design, Product Design, Interior Design, Architectural Design, Fashion Design) 

- Visual Arts 

(Photo, Special Make-up, Music, Video Production, Mass Media, Dance, Performing Arts) 

- Business 

(Business Administration, Business Design, AI System, IT Business, Office Business, Pet Business, Pet Animal Nursing, Sport Business, Fashion Business, Flower Business) 

- Tourism 

(Hotel, Travel, Tourism Business, Airline, Railway, Airport, Bridal Service, Café Service, Funeral Director, Communication of Foreign Language, IT Tourism) 

-Game & Animation & Voice Acting 

Campus and City

As stated previously, we have 17 vocational schoolsall around Japan: Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya also Kyushu. Each city have their own character and all of our subjects can be enrolled in either one of these four cities. 

Tokyo – As the most populated city in Japan, you can always explore new things in this city. Rather is watching the breathtaking views on the Tokyo Skytree, or shopping in Akihabara. You must be able to gain some unique experience in this city. 

Osaka – When you come to Osaka, you must be able to feel how enthusiastic are Osaka residenters. If you want to meet some local friends, there is no place more suitable then Osaka. Join them by eating Okonomiyaki or go to the Universal Studio together. 

Nagoya – Being the center of Japan mainland, Nagoya always held an importand place both in the history and the morden days. In this city, you can find some spectular architecture like Nagoya Castle but also morden sightseeing points like Higashiyama Sky Tower. 

Kyushu – If you are looking for spectular nature view, Kyushu will be the best choice. Surrounder by mountains and volcano. You can see the Japan's most active volcano – Mount Aso. It also including numerous areas of hot springs like Beppu. If you like to experience the nature of Japan, Kyushu is what you are looking for. 

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Subjects you can take at Adachi Education Group


Years of Origin: 1958

No. of schools: 17 vocational school and 1 Japanese language school

Semester start dates: April, *July, *October (*=Japanese language school only)

Tuition fee (language school): 2-years: 1,411,000JPY

Tuition fee (vocation school): 2-years: 1,912,000JPY-2,781,000JPY (depends on subject and school)

Prerequisites: completed at least 12 years of compulsory school education (and Japanese N2 level for vocational school)

Scholarship and free language school bridge course

For students who have already enquired JLPT N3, we can provide a free six-month language school bridge course. The free language school bridge course will start in October and after six months, you can enroll into our vocational school directly.  

For students who have determined what to study in advanced, we can offer you a free 6-month trial course of technical lessons prior to your admission at our school. The free trial course will start in June and students can attend lesson in the weekend once per month. 

For international students who have good attendance rate in Japanese educational institution or at the final level of schooling, they will be able to receive 100,000-200,000JPY reduction and exemption for tuition fee. 

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This offer expires on 2025-03-31

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