ALMA - The School of Italian Culinary Arts

Founded in 2004, ALMA is a Vocational Culinary Arts School, recognized as the worlds leading centre of specialization for Italian Cuisine and Italian Style Hospitality.

Why study at ALMA

Our mission is to train the Next Generation of hospitality professionals. Our daily commitment is to pass onto our students an education and culture based on the principles of sustainability, respect for the raw materials, respect for the traditions of Italian food and wine and a profound sense of providing a service. Our goal is to prepare our students for the world of work and we support our graduates in their search for employment opportunities as well as further training required in the sector.

An amazing location: the Reggia di Colorno, a beautiful palace in the province of Parma, in the heart of the Food Valley

Headquarters: a facility of 5,000 mq with the most innovative technologies

The Scientific Committee: great professionals, leading figures in hospitality sector, points of reference for graduates

ALMA Library: the biggest cultural hub in Europe dedicated to enogastronomy with over 12.000 volumes and a complete collection of F&B newspapers and magazines

ALMALink: a privileged recruitment platform for graduates to make direct contact with the world of work

ALMA Programs and courses


The Italian Culinary Program is a 1 year long, 2-levels course in Culinary Arts, held in English language, focused on the authentic Italian Cuisine. Foundation Level: to master the techniques and learning the real taste of the Italian Cuisine. Professional Level: to complete an advanced catering and food service training to become real professionals. The course includes 2 traineeships.


A 3-weeks course, the perfect chance for all international students who wish to learn the techniques of pasta making and production both for fresh pasta laboratory and catering to have a real professionalizing experience and make a step forward to entrepreneurship in the industry. 1 month optional training is available at the end of the course.


This 4-weeks long program is the gateway to start a career in the world of pastry making and represents the chance to build strong foundations in this field, accessing the industry with a focus on the Italian tradition in the pastry world. 1 month optional training is available at the end of the course.


Designed for pastry lovers, this unique program offers 8 weeks of hands-on, personalized trainings, 1 month internship in France or Italy (optional) a prestigious joint-diploma from two internationally recognized institutions

Student lifestyle

ALMA’s headquarters are in Colorno, a small village and offers a range of services such as sporting facilities, bars, restaurants, shops and supermarkets. It is well connected to Parma, Italy’s Food Capital, only 10 km away, which offers even more cultural attractions and opportunities for entertainment.

5 good reasons to study here:

1.       ABOVE ALL: FOOD - Parma the capital of the Italian Food Valley,. City of Gastronomy by UNESCO and the seat of the EFSA (European Food and Safety Authority).

2.       STRATEGIC POSITION: from Parma, you can easily travel to cities such as Milan, Turin, Venice, Bologna, Florence, Rome and many more...

3.       AFFORDABLE TOWN: Parma and its surroundings are cheaper than most other major cities and therefore making the choice of a studying abroad experience more affordable.

4.       WONDERFUL COUNTRY: Italy is an amazing country with so much to see and experience. Counting more than 50 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Italy beats every other country in the world!

5.       QUALITY OF LIFE: experience the Italian unique life style and high quality of life. Be assured that you’ll feel at home.

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Subjects you can take at ALMA - The School of Italian Culinary Arts


Number of students per year: more than 1000

Number of countries represente: More than 85

Partner schools: over 20

Headquartes in Parma: more than 5000 sqm

Didactical rooms: 25

Books in the library: more than 12000

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