BIMM Institute

BIMM is Europes largest, most connected music institute with eight colleges based in vibrant musical cities across the UK and Europe.

It’s About Perspective: Band Psychology 101

Webinar:  Jul 12, 2022 7:00 PM (timezone: Europe/Stockholm)

Anyone who has been in a band understands the many twists and turns that come with working closely in what is essentially a creative marriage. Dealing with your bandmates on everything from choosing a band name, to writing and singing the songs, to where you are stopping for lunch when on the road—it’s all stuff to wrestle with, and all crucial for band harmony and longevity. There are as many approaches to achieving this as there are bass players; this conversation will explore some methods that have proved successful as well as some stinkers that should be left behind at the last gig.

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Virtual Open Day – Music Production at BIMM Institute Germany

Webinar:  Jul 20, 2022 6:00 PM (timezone: Europe/Stockholm)

Our BA (Hons) Music Production degree gives you the chance to develop your passion for production and create music and sound in a variety of contexts. Once graduated, you’ll have all you need to pursue a fulfilling career in a range of production roles. You’ll instinctively know how to bring your technical knowledge and creativity to live and studio settings, as well as what’s needed to work with artists or develop as a creative producer. This degree is available for study at both BIMM Institute Berlin and BIMM Institute Hamburg.

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Virtual Open Day – Music Business at BIMM Institute Germany

Webinar:  Jul 21, 2022 6:00 PM (timezone: Europe/Stockholm)

So, why BIMM Institute’s BA (Hons) Music Business degree? With this course, you’ll have opportunities to expand your knowledge of the industry across a wide range of subject areas. You will also develop an understanding of a broader business context, focusing on planning and forecasting, financing, creativity and digital marketing. Once you graduate, you’ll have the skills and experience to explore a range of different career options. This degree is available to study in both BIMM Institute Hamburg and Berlin.

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Why study at BIMM Institute:

BIMM is Europe’s largest, most connected music institute with eight colleges based in vibrant musical cities across the UK and Europe. Our creative space not only nurtures talent: it also enables future generations to find their place within the music industry. 

With nearly four decades of experience, BIMM has equipped students with the knowledge and skills they need to meet the demands of the music business – and graduate feeling industry-ready. 

BIMM students are part of a unique creative community, with access to unrivalled connections and real-world industry experiences. They have the opportunity to be themselves and study in an environment that works closely with the very industry they will find their place in. 

Preparing students for a successful career in the music industry is why BIMM does what it does and there has never been a better time to be a student or practitioner in today’s vibrant, diverse and world-leading industry.

Courses and Subjects:


·       Diploma: (Foundation Level): One Year (London only)

·       Degree/Undergraduate: (Single Honours): Three Years

·       Degree/Undergraduate (Joint Honours): Three Years: (All joint honours are a 50:50 split)

·       Masters/Postgraduate: One Year


·       Diploma: Performance (Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Bass Guitar), Songwriting, Music Production.

·       Undergraduate BA/BMus (Hons): Performance (Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Bass Guitar, Keyboards), Songwriting, Electronic Music Production, Music and Sound Production, Music Marketing Media and Communication, Event Management, Music Business.

·       Postgraduate Master of Arts: Popular Music Practice (Entrepreneurship, Performance, Production, Composition), Teaching and Learning in the Creative Industries.

BIMM Institute Locations:

·       London, Brighton, Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol (UK) *

·       Berlin and Hamburg (Germany) *

·       Dublin (Ireland)

* Students have the option to study their course in more than one city. (This transfer scheme is only available where the same course is delivered and at the same delivery stage in the chosen location).

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Subjects you can take at BIMM Institute


Location Transfer Scheme: Students have the option to study their course in more than one city.

World-class lecturers: Most of whom are active in the industry today.

Networking: Masterclasses and industry events with the worlds’ top music professionals and employers.

In-House Recruitment Agency: Giving students vital experience and work opportunities that will make all the difference when it comes to starting their career in music.

Real Experience: Students have the opportunity to perform/work at famous music venues and festivals around the UK and Europe.

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