En, Tera, Seiko, Ehle, Osaka

En, Tera, Seiko, and Ehle have very unique programs that you can not find anywhere else not only in Japan but also in the world. Each school has a different curriculum.

5 Reasons to Choose our schools

For TERA School of Business & Communication

1. Our course is not just a higher level of a Japanese language course.

2. Curriculum specialized in a short-term course

3. Excellent teachers

4. Many practical and useful lessons

5. Support your job hunting


For EN Japanese Language School

1. We offer the biggest number of lessons.

2. Curriculum specialized in a short-term course

3. Excellent teachers

4. Morning lessons emphasized on speaking

5. Afternoon cultural lectures are fulfilling


For SEIKO Academy of Foreign Languages

1. We offer the biggest number of lessons.

2. Curriculum specialized in a short-term course

3. Excellent Teachers

4. Conversation focused lessons

5. Afternoon curriculum specialized in preparing for JLPT


For EHLE Institute

1. We have over 50 years of history in education.

2. We have a long period of study in one term.

3. Excellent Teachers

4. Conversation focused lessons

5. After the course, there is a chance to study at our 2 years college.


Courses and Lectures

At TERA, Business Japanese Course is designed for the students who have JLPT N2 or above. It covers the basic business Japanese such as honorific expression, pronunciation, and business writing to more advanced business conversation, phone taking, and business manner.

Job Placement Support Lecture is for the students who need to understand what to do for the Japanese job-hunting process. This lecture covers company job hunting, industry research, and company research.

At EN, Practical Japanese Course aims to learn day-to-day practical Japanese, which focuses on “Listening” and “Speaking.” It is also based on JLPT, so you can try a higher level after the course.

Lifestyle Cultural Lecture helps you to understand Japanese culture through studying and experiencing it. It also gives you the lessons for unfamiliar kinds of the Japanese language, which usual classroom lessons cannot offer.

At SEIKO, Short Intensive Course aims to learn basic Japanese for staying in Japan for a short period. It is also based on JLPT.

JLPT Preparation Lecture is a short-term intensive lecture to pass JLPT. We offer classes for passing N3 and N2 tests.

At EHLE, we offer many different courses such as Japanese language courses, university preparation courses, college-level business courses for one year to two years.

Our school location

Our school is located in Namaba, Osaka. Osaka has been considered Japan's economic hub and a major financial center of Japan. Osaka has a population of 8.8 million.

Famous landmarks in Osaka include Osaka Castle, Shitenno temple, Universal Studio Japan, Kaiyukan Aquarium, and so on.

Our school area, “Namba,” is also called “Minami(South).”Well-known districts here include Shinsaibashi, Dotonbori, Nipponbashi Den Den Town, and Kuromon Market.

Namba area has six different train stations, which are Midousuji-line, Yotsubashi-Line, Sennichimae-Line, Nankai-Line, Kintetsu-Line, and JR.

Our schools have five different school buildings. Our office and classrooms are in Building No. 1. This building is a new building so that you can study in a new environment.

Our school location is not in the center of business and shopping district, but at the edge of these areas. The buildings are close to the local post office, local ward office, and many supermarkets, so that it is very convenient to stay, work, and study.

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Subjects you can take at En, Tera, Seiko, Ehle, Osaka

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