GoAcademy! has been one of the leading CSN approved schools in Europe for years now. Offering courses, exams, preparations and accommodation, we try to fulfill every students need!

Why GoAcademy!

  • With over 30 years of experience, and having excelled in course methodology early, we had time to master every aspect of the students' needs throughout the years.
  • Learning a language is fun, but using it to boost your career is even more fun.
    It doesn't matter if it's to get a certificate, study in Germany or get job placement in a specific field - we will get you there! Your success is our focus.
  • Learn German in Germany, but what is important is that you are safe and enjoy it!
    is the one of the safest cities in the world on the ''best quality of life index 2021''.
    Located in the heart of Düsseldorfa history rich city focused on Art, Design and Fashion; GoAcademy! is not just a place of work, but also a place of enjoyment and fun where you can meet a wide range of people.
  • Approved by CSN in Sweden.

What we offer

No matter your schedule, your budget or end-goal, GoAcademy! has what you need!

  • Standard Courses
    are the all-around courses that usually take place everyday from 9 to 12:15, Monday through Friday. They represent 20+5 hours/week and are ideal to prepare for any exam.
    The +5 hours are done through a LMS (Learning Management System) in the form of homework that the students and teachers do/correct outside of class.
    This pushes the students to learn outside of class and has significally improved exam results! (92% success rate)
  • University Pathway
    is the most commonly booked package that includes standard course weeks, 1 month of accommodation and an exam.
    Using our connections with universities, reputation at the consulat and previous knowledge, we make sure you have all documents to join the university of your choice!
  • Online courses
    all our courses, whether it's intensive, evening, etc.. are all available as online courses thanks to our hybrid courses!

What else

Asside from our main courses and packages, we also offer a wide variety of languages and courses.

  • 1-on-1 Courses
  • Executive/Business Courses
  • Evening Courses
  • Junior Courses
  • Work as a Doctor in Germany
  • Work as a Nurse in Germany
  • Language Courses: English, French, Spanish, Italien, Chinese, etc..


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Subjects you can take at GoAcademy!


International Students: 100%

Since: 1990

Campus Size: 700 m2

Classrooms: 25

Group of classes: 12 maximum

German Rank: Top 3

10-25% scholarship: German courses in Düsseldorf

Do you want to study German in Germany this year? Then you can get a scholarship covering 10% of the tuition fee at the popular language school GoAcademy! in Düsseldorf close to Cologne, Amsterdam, and Paris.

GoAcademy hands out two scholarships per year to the first two students from DreamStudies who book a language course of 8 weeks or more. First come, first served! Fill out an info request to learn more.

If you want to start a language course at GoAcademy next year you can apply for DreamStudies' Study Abroad-scholarship and get a dedicated scholarship of 25% of the tuition fee.

This offer expires on 2026-12-31

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