ISI Japanese Language School

International Study Institute ISI is the educational institution awarded the ST Star World Language School of the year 2017.

Why study at ISI ?

1. Japanese Students on Campus:
    - Japanese students taking english vocational college program will be waiting for you on campus.
    - If you stay at our student house, you will have chance to get to know them more. 
2. Rich Nationality Mix
    - ISI accepts students from more than 110 regions and countries.
    - In the Bignner class, you will meet the students from 7 areas at least. 
3. Attractive Locations:
    - 4 campuses in 3 attractive cities that you can choose from. 
    - Tokyo (Busy, Global City), Nagano (Local, Leisure City) and Kyoto (Traditional, Old Capital)  are waiting for you.
4. Student Visa / Job Finding Support
    - You will receive the support for the visa and work permit application.
    - With work permit, you are allowed to work 28 hours / week.
5. CSN Friendly:
    - Swedish students can use CSN grants and loans for their courses.
    - ISI offers support for your CSN grant (more than 13 weeks booking required.)  

Programs & Courses

New classes begins in the beginning of April, July, October, and January every year.
Booking is available from 2 weeks - 2 years.
Student Visa Application support will be provided for those who books 6 months or longer.

【Intensive General Japanese Course】(CEFR A1 - C2): 15 hours / week
3 hours lessons per day are offered from Monday to Friday divided into 2 class-hours.
Instruction is given in Japanese and that is the only langauge that can be used in class.
In the Beginner level classes (CEFR A1-A2), teaching aids in English (vocabulary list etc.) will be provided.

【Elective Lessons】(CEFR B2 - C2): 3 hours / week
■ Job Finding Class (※ Student Visa Holders only) 
- The aim of this class is to help you to get the job offer from Japanese Company.
■ JLPT Preparation Class
    -  The goal of this class is to let you pass JLPT N2 / N1 Level.
■ Education Pathway Class
    -  For those who are planning to apply for the College / Univesity / Graduate school in Japan.
Practical Conversation Class
    -  More speaking parctice will be offered.


【NAGANO】Experience Local Life
Locted in the center of the main island, which is 90 minutes express train ride from Tokyo.
Welll known as the city of "Samurai," and you will enjoy the full of beautiful nature.
Ski Resorts are attracting international tourists, so more part time jobs are available.
Recommended to those who wish to have part time job experience with the cheap costs.

【KYOTO】Interest in Tradition 
The newest campus opened in 2017.
Located in the city center of Kyoto, and the temples and shrines will tell you the history of Japan.
Easy access to Osaka, Kobe, Nara and even to Tokyo.
Recommended to those who are into Japanese traditional culture and Kansai dialects ! 

【TOKYO】Enjoy the World City
Schools are located one station away from Shinjuku, which is the busiest station in the world.
If you like lively or busy place then this might be the place you are looking for. 
Recommended to those who are considering getting full time jobs, or applying for the higher education in Japan.

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Subjects you can take at ISI Japanese Language School

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