Italy Exchange

Apply to study in Italy through Beyond Abroad and experience a life-changing semester abroad on the island of Sardinia!

Why study in Italy?

Its breathtaking landscapes, Mediterranean flair and long history have made Italy one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe. Especially Sardinia, the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and an autonomous region of Italy, offers a unique cultural experience.

Countless sights like the prehistoric architecture and a world heritage site, paired with the sunny weather and warm temperatures, offer the perfect opportunity for day trips on the island. Additionally, Sardinia is renowned for its scenery, with around 25% of the island being environmentally preserved. The breathtaking coastlines and beaches, rugged landscapes, as well as the three national parks, invite both locals and travelers to relax in the sun.

Programs and courses

Both students planning to spend a semester or a gap year abroad are welcome at the University of Cagliari. Each semester, students can take up to 6 classes, which amount to a maximum of 36 ECTS (around 18 US credits).

For international bachelor’s students, courses are available from these study fields:

  • Business and Economics
  • Languages and Cultures for Linguistics
  • Mediation
  • Languages and Communication
  • Master’s students can choose classes from majors in the following list:
  • Management
  • Sustainable Tourism Management and Monitoring
  • International Relations
  • Economics, Finance and Public Policy
  • Law
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology
  • Pharmacy
  • Neuropsychobiology
  • Chemical and Biotechnical Process Engineering
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Computer Engineering, Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Internet Engineering
  • Environmental and Land Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Physics
  • Modern European and American Languages and Literatures
  • Translation

Tuition fee per semester: 2190 EUR

Application Fee: 75 EUR

Max credits per semester: 30 ECTS

Level of study: Bachelor, Master

University of Cagliari

In Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia, the University of Cagliari offers a variety of Bachelor’s and Master’s level courses taught in English to international students. Since being founded in 1606, UNICA has grown to accommodate more than 30 000 students on three different campuses. Not only academics, but also a healthy work-life balances are centered in this university – UNICA possesses numerous facilities, especially for sports.

Become a part of UNICA’s student community and experience Sardinia’s rich history for one or two semesters!

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Subjects you can take at Italy Exchange

Italy Exchange

Semesters: September-February, February-July

Tuition fees: 2190 EUR + 75 EUR application fee

Application deadlines: September for Autumn, January for Spring

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