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Discover an enchanting mix of ancient traditions, an hi-tech metropolis and stunning landscapes by studying abroad in Taiwan for a semester or a full degree through Asia Exchange!

Why study in Taiwan?

Study abroad in Taiwan, Asia’s rising travel destination yet to be uncovered by masses of tourists. This mystical green island, where ancient traditions and modern values exist in harmony, will charm you from the moment you exit the plane!

As one of the four Asian Tigers, Taiwan is especially renowned for its high living standards and level of higher education. Taiwan is also one of the most powerful players in the global business and ICT arena and is therefore the place to be for aspiring business leaders and technological wizards. To top it off, Taiwan is ranked among the safest countries in the world with very low crime rate and a high-quality health care system.

In Taipei, the bustling capital city, you will find pieces of Chinese culture that have since long disappeared from mainland China. Food lovers will not be disappointed either; Taipei is considered one of the best food cities in Asia ranging from its mouthwatering street food to award-winning haute cuisine. Exploring Taipei is done best by hopping on a bicycle and cycling through the city’s scenic bike paths. When you feel the need to get away from the city buzz, the majestic mountains and national parks, lush rain forests and relaxing hot springs and beaches are just a short bus or train ride away!

Combine all of this with one of the friendliest and most open-minded societies in Asia and you might just find it hard to leave after your study semester is over!

Shih Chien University

Shih Chien University, formerly known as Shih Chien College of Home Economics, is a private university located in the heart of Taipei, Taiwan. Over the years, the institution evolved from a junior college to a university and was renamed Shih Chien University. Nowadays Shih Chien University is home to approx. 15 000 students, and it is recognized as one of the pioneer universities in English Taught Programs in Taiwan with a considerable international student body. 

In the course of one or two semesters at Shih Chien University, students will not only advance their academic studies at an esteemed university, but will also acquire valuable experience and first-hand knowledge of Taiwan and learn more about the history and cultural influences behind the global success and charm of this Asian Tiger.

The lush campus area, surrounded by beautiful mountains, is conveniently located close to the city center. The campus has many different kinds of sports facilities (including a pool, a gym and sports fields), which are at students' disposal with a local student card. Students can also join different student clubs and take up new interesting hobbies such Chinese opera, calligraphy, painting and martial arts. The university also organizes a variety of exciting trips and excursions all around Taiwan each semester. 

Programs and courses

Students planning to spend a semester or full degree are welcome at the Shi Chien University.

  • LEVEL OF STUDY: Bachelor & Master
  • STUDY FIELDS: Business, economics, management, Chinese language, and human ecology
  • MAX. CREDITS: 38 ECTS / 23 US credits

Bachelor and Master courses:

Available courses are in the College of Management (English Taught Program in International Business).

Although you can make a preliminary study plan, actual course selection takes place during the orientation day. The final course list will be announced at the beginning of each semester.

You can choose Master’s level (graduate) courses even if you’re a Bachelor (undergraduate) student and vice versa. You can choose courses worth 25 local credits at maximum. At a minimum, you must complete courses worth 9 credits (Bachelor / undergraduate level students) or 6 credits (Master / graduate-level students) in total. 

Completing a full BBA degree at Shih Chien University

The Bachelor’s degree program in International Business at Shih Chien University takes four years to complete. The program is an excellent way for you to gain a genuinely global mindset and intercultural skillset. In this program, you will develop the essential basis to engage successfully in a dynamic economic environment.

Courses and studies during full degree:

Available courses are in the College of Management (English Taught Program in International Business).

Although you can make a preliminary study plan, actual course selection takes place during the orientation day. The final course list will be announced at the beginning of each semester.

Chinese language courses are available upon request but come with an additional fee.

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Subjects you can take at Taiwan Exchange


Autumn Semester: September - January

Spring Semester: February - June

Tuition Fees: 2190 EUR + 75 EUR application fee

Level of Study: Bachelor and Master

Application Deadline: April for Autumn Semester, October for Spring Semester

Tuition Fees Full Degree: 2,504 EUR tuition fee / semester + 75 EUR application fee

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