Yamanashi Gakuin University

The International College of Liberal Arts iCLA at Yamanashi Gakuin University is a four year, American style liberal arts college taught in English in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan.

Why study at iCLA?

Our unique liberal arts curriculum spans a variety of subjects like political science, business and economics, language arts, to name a few. The wide-ranging spectrum of subjects under liberal arts prepares students with the essential skills to become well-rounded individuals who can adapt in the workplace and the world.

Our Bachelor of International Liberal Arts degree program's primary language of instruction is English, with the exception of some Japanese language and cultural courses. International students study Japanese language alongside their degree studies, starting from any level, even complete beginner. 

  • Enjoy a diverse learning atmosphere set among an idyllic traditional Japanese backdrop
  • Small interactive classes with low student-to-faculty ratio
  • Student body is 80%+ International Students from over 55 nationalities 
  • 60+ partner universities for Study Abroad in 30 countries and regions
  • Based in Yamanashi, 90 minutes from Tokyo
  • Career support and education to help students become job-ready

Students can choose from a wide array of courses as part of an innovative curriculum. iCLA offers students an unique opportunity to immerse themselves in Japanese culture while acquiring a contemporary and globally relevant education at our state-of-the-art facilities. We have faculty and staff members from around the world to support students in their academic journey.

Program outline

Students take omnibus and pathway courses from the International College of Liberal Arts’ core curriculum during their first year, providing them with exposure across all of its four majors so that students can make an informed decision about which major to declare.

Major Areas of Study

  • Global Business and Economics
  • Interdisciplinary Arts
  • Interdisciplinary Data Science
  • Japan Studies
  • Political Science
  • Psychology

Elective courses and workshops

The elective courses provided will supplement students’ major studies throughout their education of four years at iCLA, offering them the depth, flexibility and interdisciplinary character of a true liberal arts education. 

  • Sociology
  • Quantitative reasoning and natural sciences
  • Japanese language
  • Health and physical education

Experiential learning workshops offer unique opportunities to gain hands-on experience in a range of cultural, practical and creative areas of study. Among the huge variety of workshops offered at iCLA, students can experience traditional Japanese music, arts, and culture such as Noh Theatre, Shakuhachi (bamboo flute) and Koto (Japanese Harp), Sado (tea ceremony), Kado (flower arranging), as well as the Japanese martial arts of Aikido, Judo and Karate. 

Campus and City

Established in 1946, Yamanashi Gakuin University has over 70 years of history educating exceptional students. Today, it is nationally renowned for achievements in sports and has produced numerous Olympic athletes and coaches. The university student body totals over 3,800 students across the undergraduate and graduate faculties. iCLA is one of the newest undergraduate departments of Yamanashi Gakuin University, and it is one of the most diverse programs in Japan, with over 60% foreign faculty and a curriculum taught in English. As a student, there are many things to do on campus. We have a wide range of sports and arts related student-led university clubs, and international students are highly encouraged to join. 

Conveniently located just a 90 minute train ride from the center of Tokyo, Yamanashi has many things to see and do. Yamanashi is most famous for being the home of Mount Fuji, and there is no better view of Mount Fuji than from the Fuji Five Lakes area. When it comes to gourmet food, there are plenty of Japanese and international cuisines to enjoy. A wide selection of fresh, local produce grown in our sunny climate is readily available. The abundance of nature and long hours of daylight in Yamanashi are also ideal for outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, or running. The picturesque landscapes of Yamanashi are the perfect location to enjoy the varied beauty of Japan's four seasons. 

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Subjects you can take at Yamanashi Gakuin University

Scholarships at Yamanashi Gakuin University

The International College of Liberal Arts (iCLA) offers merit-based full and partial tuition-waiver scholarships to a select number of students each year. Yamanashi Gakuin University financial aid may be combined with outside funding sources.

Scholarship Amounts:

  • Full Scholarship covering 100% tuition, facility and equipment fees
  • 3/4 Scholarship covering 75% tuition, facility and equipment fees
  • Half Scholarship covering 50% tuition, facility and equipment fees
  • 1/4 Scholarship covering 25% tuition, facility and equipment fees

Renewable every year based on overall performance. Maximum of 4 years.

Selection Criteria

  • Academic Achievement
  • Extracurricular Activities Achievement
  • Financial Need

Selection Process

Scholarship recipients are chosen based on the quality of their application materials and interview results.

Applications are taken through our online application system. The announcement of your scholarship application result will be included with the announcement of admission results.

This offer expires on 2025-04-17

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