About DreamStudies

About DreamStudies

DreamStudies help you with free information about studying abroad, regardless of where you want to study. We also help international schools to recruit international students.

DreamStudies' goal is to provide quality information for free for students interested in studying abroad. On this site, you will find articles, guides, a huge international school database, scholarships & discounts, a Q&A-section, and many other resources to help you organize your studies abroad on your own. If you need more personalized help you are welcome to fill out our information request form. Then we will put you in touch with a suitable partner or school who can help you with choices and the application.

Our incomes primarily come from our featured schools and advertisers so please check them out if you want to give us a helping hand. We help schools to recruit students through online visibility and direct marketing activities in Scandinavia. However, we are not limited to a few paying schools. Our school database contains thousands of schools from all over the world and on this site you will find a lot of free information to help you out regardless of where you want to study. We have partners who can help you apply to most schools around the world.

DreamStudies is owned and run by Johan Asplund from Stockholm, Sweden. I am educated to be a high school teacher in English, History, and Computer Science with a Master in Education. I was 18 years old the first time I studied abroad when I took a high school year in the US. Five years later I did a university semester in London. After that I have taken language courses in Germany, Spain and East Asia. So I have a lot of personal experience from studying abroad. The picture above is from a visit in Kyoto, Japan where I have been many times to visit schools.

I am an ICEF Trained Agent Counsellor. I have been working in the study abroad industry since 2002. In August 2016 I founded DreamStudies to help you realize your dreams about studying abroad.

Guest speaker

I am an expert on the Scandinavian study abroad market and on website optimization for the Education industry. I do a lot of presentations in Sweden and I have been a guest speaker many times at international events. Read more about our guest speaker topics and experiences.

Download our Study Abroad Handbook

Download our Study Abroad Handbook

Download a free study abroad handbook! 25 pages filled with advice to help you plan your studies abroad step by step. Click here.

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We are based in Stockholm, Sweden. Please contact us if you want to book a meeting.


Do you want to get in touch with us by phone? Leave your phone number and a message outlining what you want to discuss, then we will get back to you. We do not give student support by phone.

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