Conditions and handling of personal data

Here we describe how we handle personal data and what conditions apply to the use of our services. You agree to these terms when you make an information request on this site.

The personal information collected on this site is handled by DreamStudies Utlandsstudievägledaren AB, whom you can contact here. Below you can read more about how we handle your data depending on how you interact with us.

FAQ questions and comments

If you ask a question in our FAQ section or make a comment on an article on our site, we will save the information you enter as well as your IP address (to counter spam and abuse). Your email and IP address will be deleted no later than December the year after the question was received. However, the question/comment and the name used for the question will stay on the site, but we can anonymize the name you used if you wish.

Scholarship Applications

If you apply for our DreamStudies study abroad scholarship, the data you enter will be stored until December of the year in which your applied scholarship is awarded.

Information requests

If you make an information request on any of our sites, we will delete your information by December two years after the request has been received.

We will forward your information request to relevant schools and partners that match your interest so that they can contact you directly with more information. If you choose to apply to one of these schools you will deal with the school directly. DreamStudies cannot in any way be held responsible for your studies abroad.


When you contact us, you also have the opportunity to subscribe to our newsletter. If you choose to do this, you will receive the newsletter until you unsubscribe from the link at the bottom of the newsletter. The newsletter is sent no more than six times a year and contains news, information and offers on international studies.

Liability of the company

DreamStudies give you free study abroad advice. Our advice is based on many years industry experience. We help you to the best of our ability and knowledge. However, rules at schools, migration authorities etc can be changed without our knowledge. We shall not be liable for any problems that may arise if our advice contains any incorrect or outdated information. Please let us know if you have any feedback or find any errors on our websites or in our texts.

We can give you advice and put you in touch with schools, booking agents and educational consultants for specific countries. In some cases, we can also help you with the application process. However, we are not a booking agent. You always book and reach an agreement directly with the school where you will study or with the external partner (booking agent or consultant) that you use. Any problems in connection with your studies abroad must be addressed directly with your school/supplier; we cannot be held responsible for such issues. We can never guarantee that you will be admitted to a school, the schools always make this decision.

It is your responsibility to:

  • Know your education provider's conditions for admission, studies, costs etc.
  • Pay for your education directly to your school.
  • Address any problems during your studies directly with your school or supplier.
  • Get the student visa you need for your studies abroad.
  • Get a study abroad insurance and know what it covers.

Delete your personal information with us

We collect a minimum of personal data. Usually, it's only your name, email address and the input you give us. If you want to delete your personal information at, you can email us using our contact form. We will then remove any personal information we have associated with your email address within a week. If you wish, we can simultaneously anonymize your comments and FAQ-questions if you have not used a nickname there.

Please note that deleting your information with us will also delete your scholarship applications and you will no longer have access to our special discounts. If you have been in touch with schools abroad through our information request form, you must contact them separately to delete any data from them.

Cookies only collects anonymous statistics through Google Analytics.

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