Discount codes and scholarships for studying abroad

Universities, colleges, language schools and accommodation providers sometimes offer scholarships or discounts for students planning to study abroad. Here you will find all the latest offers, discounts, coupons and promo codes that we have received.

Offer for Marbella International University Centre, Spain published on 2021-10-27

MIUC partial scholarship

For students who possess excellent proficiency level, outstanding communication skills and interpersonal abilities, they will be assessed during the acceptance phone interview and therefore take advantage of our partial scholarships that range from 5 to 10%. 

This offer expires on 2022-07-16

Marbella International University Centre

Offer for Waseda BK Japanese Language Course, Japan published on 2021-10-26

50% scholarship at Waseda BK in Tokyo

Students who fill out an information request on are eligible for the following unique discount and scholarship at Waseda BK language school in Tokyo:

50% guaranteed scholarship for citizens of the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or one of the European countries
50% tuition discount/scholarship for passport holders of the above-mentioned nationalities who enroll in our school as a long-term student (minimum one year). The discount is given for the first year of study.

This discount is worth 350000 Yen (approximately $3350 or 2900 Euro). Don't miss this great opportunity. Fill out an information request now!

150-hour online course for free
Waseda BK now offers a 150-hour online course for beginners in Japanese. The price is 90,000 Yen, about $860, but if you sign up for a one-year course on-site in Japan afterward, you get a 90,000 Yen discount plus the scholarship of 50% above! In other words, the online course will be completely free.

This offer expires on 2022-12-31

Read more about the offerWaseda BK Japanese Language Course

Offer for Australia Application support from Go Study, Australia published on 2021-10-26

Scholarships to Australia

Go Study can give you outstanding scholarship opportunities across many universities in Australia. Here are just a few:

  • 20-30% off business degrees at Torrens University (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide)
  • 20% off all undergraduate courses at Macquarie University (Sydney)
  • 20% off all undergraduate and postgraduate courses at Edith Cowan University (Perth)
  • $8000 scholarship study digital media, animation, IT at The Academy of Information Technology (Sydney, Melbourne)
  • And MORE!!! Nearly every university has a scholarship or discount we can help you apply for

Fill out an information request to use these offers.


This offer expires on 2025-02-03

Read more about the offerAustralia Application support from Go Study

Offer for Bali Exchange, Indonesia published on 2021-10-20

Discount at all Asia Exchange

Students from DreamStudies get a guaranteed 40 Euro discount on all Asia Exchange's programs in Korea, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Costa Rica. You can take Study Abroad semesters, degree programs, or summer courses. EU and US citizens can also apply for a 40% scholarship.

All you need to do to get the discount is to fill out an info request at and enter the coupon code DreamStudies on Asia Exchange's application form.

This offer expires on 2023-06-24

Read more about the offerBali Exchange

Offer for ISI Japanese School: Tokyo, Kyoto and Nagano, Japan published on 2021-10-18

Big discounts at ISI

◆For Enrollment of April 2022 to January 2023 Long-term students in Harajuku Campus: 
Free admission fee (55,000 JPY)

◆For Enrollment of April 2022 Long-term students in Nagano Campus: 
Free admission fee (55,000 JPY)
Free employment support program (60,000 JPY)
Further discount for student house package (up to 170,000 JPY)

◆For Enrollment of April 2022 to March 2023 Short-term students in Harajuku Campus: 
Free admission fee (15,000 JPY)

Fill out an info request for more information.

This offer expires on 2022-10-10

ISI Japanese School: Tokyo, Kyoto and Nagano

Offer for Lexis Korea, Korea published on 2021-10-12

2 weeks FREE online course in quarantine time!

Korea has now opened up for many nationalities (including the US, UK and EU-countries) to travel to Korea on visa waiver. This means that you can take a short term language course at Lexis Korea in Seoul and Busan without a student visa. You can stay up to 90 days, but you must start with 2 weeks in quarantine, during which you can take Lexis online Korean course FREE, if enrolling for 4 weeks or more of our face-to-face Intensive Korean 25 or 15 course. Afterward, you can do 10 weeks of face to face classes at the school.

For longer courses, you still need a student visa through a Korean University. We can help you with that too. Our help is free of charge. Fill out an info request for to learn more.

This offer expires on 2021-12-30

Lexis Korea

Offer for Laba Valencia, Spain published on 2021-10-11

10% scholarship on Laba Valencia

We are happy to be able to offer a 10% guaranteed scholarship for all DreamStudies' students to LABA Valencia School of Art Design and New Media. Use the discount code DreamStudies or fill out an info request to claim the scholarship.

Fill out an info request to get started!

This offer expires on 2022-10-10

Laba Valencia

Offer for ACT - American College of Thessaloniki, Greece published on 2021-10-08

Nordic Heritage Scholarship

One would think that Nordic people physically and historically are very far apart from the Greek people.

Yet, if one takes a close look back in history and explores the origins of the Byzantine Emperors’ personal guard, they would discover the Varangian Guard.  This guard was an elite Byzantine army corps and it comprised the personal bodyguard of the Byzantine emperors beginning with Emperor Basil II in c. 988 CE.  The ties between the two peoples grew so strong that the Emperor Basil offered his sister as a wife to the Rus Viking ruler, Vladimir I of Kiev (r. 980-1015 CE).  Famous figures, such as Harald Hardrada and the Icelander Bolli Bollason  were a part of the tradition of Scandinavian military service in Byzantium.

This relationship, that started more than 1300 years ago, should not only stop, but it should be enhanced. 
For this reason, ACT offers scholarships of 500/1000 euro (one semester/two semester studies) to all students of Nordic Heritage.

Looking forward to meeting on the ACT campus, and to continue the journey!

This offer expires on 2022-02-23

ACT - American College of Thessaloniki

Offer for Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain published on 2021-10-06

Get a 10% discount!

We offer a 10% discount on our Spanish intensive courses

This offer expires on 2021-12-31

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Offer for Hult International Business School, USA published on 2021-09-30

First Scholarship Deadline of 2021!

Save the date and don't miss out the first application deadline of the year: October 28th.

In addition, for the Dual Degree program, full scholarships are available.

Fill out a request to receive further information.

This offer expires on 2021-10-28

Read more about the offerHult International Business School

Offer for Kyoshin Language Academy, Japan published on 2021-09-13


We offer SPECIAL PROGRAM only for the students from DreamStudies.

In this special program, you will study at KYOTO which is ancient capital of Japan with many historical site and traditional events for 6 months

and you will also study at TOKYO which is the heart of pop culture and most modern city in Japan for 6 months.

You can start from either city and you will be able to enjoy contrasting 2 cities on 1 visit! Fill out an info request to learn more.

This offer expires on 2022-12-20

Kyoshin Language Academy

Offer for SAMU Japanese Language School, Japan published on 2021-09-08

Japanese online courses in July

Right now Samu is offering several online courses in Japanese starting in July:

  • Study 30 hours N5 and N4 preparation online from July 2 to September 29 and prepare for your Embassy interview - price 30000 Yen, and get a 75000 Yen discount if you start a course onsite afterwards.
  • Take 10 online courses within 30 days on beginner to intermediate level and start in July, August or September. Price 16000 Yen.

Samu Japanese Language School can offer some great discounts for students from DreamStudies: Samu wants to attract more Western students and thus offers a 70000 Yen discount on long term courses to students from Europe, Oceania and the Americas Students of other nationalities get a 15000 Yen discount on the long term courses On short term courses all students get a discount fo 10000 Yen To get this discount you need to submit an information request through DreamStudies. Japanese Consumption tax will be added.

Fill out an info request for more information about these special offers.

This offer expires on 2022-12-31

SAMU Japanese Language School

Offer for Accent Français Montpellier, France published on 2021-09-06

5% discount on French courses in South of France

Students who mentions DreamStudies (in the field How did you hear about Accent Français?) on their application to a course at Accent Français get 5% discount on the tuition fee. Fill out an information request form for more information or book online and use the promo code DreamStudies5 to enjoy the discount !

This offer expires on 2222-12-31

Read more about the offerAccent Français Montpellier

Offer for SRH University Heidelberg, Germany published on 2021-08-02

SRH Scholarship for International Students

SRH University Heidelberg awards 16 SRH Scholarships to existing and new students each year. The scholarships are set up as full scholarships for the entire duration of the standard period of study. The announcement for the application process is made once a year, at the beginning of the summer semester (1 April). The application period for the winter semester is from 15 June to 31 July, for the summer semester from 1 December to 31 January.

How to apply: 

Applications are made online via the university’s application portal, which is activated at the beginning of the application periods and can be accessed via the university website.

Please note that only complete applications submitted on time and in the proper form can be considered for a scholarship. Fill out an info request for more information.

This offer expires on 2022-01-31

Read more about the offerSRH University Heidelberg

Offer for University of Cumbria, United Kingdom published on 2021-07-26

EU Scholarship at the University of Cumbria

The University of Cumbria wishes to support European students affected by Brexit.  We will award an (automatic) FEE REDUCTION SCHOLARSHIP to all eligible EU students starting their course with us in September 2021 or January 2022, which brings your fee into line with the fee paid by UK students. This will apply for the duration of your course.

Fill out an info request for more information!

This offer expires on 2021-12-31

Read more about the offerUniversity of Cumbria

Offer for Asia Pacific University, Malaysia published on 2021-07-05

International Students Scholarships 2021

University scholarships for international students are available to new international students. The application criteria includes academic success, financial need, community involvement, sports excellence, references from instructors or employers.

Required Documents

The following documents should be submitted for the Scholarship Application:

  • APU Application Form
  • Passport Copy
  • 4 Passport Size Photographs
  • Academic Results & Transcripts
  • Testimonials and Certificates of Achievements (Sports, Academic, Co-Curricular etc) would be an added advantage
  • Resume / CV - Reference Letters from the Previous School/College/University (Recommended)

Scholarship Application

Start by filling out the request form on this page. For more info on the scholarships, please email to [email protected] for any enquiries.


This offer expires on 2021-10-31

Read more about the offerAsia Pacific University

Offer for UK University Application Support, United Kingdom published on 2021-05-20

Free CV review for Master students

Uni Direct is offering a free CV review service for postgraduate applicants applying to study abroad with us for 2021 and 2022 intakes. Fill out an info request,  and we will review your options for applying for postgraduate Master's studies abroad and we will review your CV for free. 

This offer expires on 2022-09-30

Read more about the offerUK University Application Support

Offer for Ironhack, France published on 2021-05-17

Women Scholarship for our Web Dev and Data course

We offer 1000 USD/Euro Scholarship for Women when they enrol in our Web development or our Data Analytic bootcamp

This offer expires on 2022-12-31


Offer for Kyoto University of Advanced Science (KUAS), Japan published on 2021-05-07

Kyoto University of Advanced Science scholarships

KUAS offers two types of scholarships. 

1. Super KUAS-E Scholarship 

Stipend (for personal expenses) 1,200,000 JPY/year*
Tuition exemption (100%)
Admission fee exemption (100%)


2. KUAS-E Scholarship

Tuition reduction (100%, 50% or 30%)
Admission fee reduction (100%, 50% or 30%)

Fill out an information request for more info about these scholarships.

This offer expires on 2022-03-14

Read more about the offerKyoto University of Advanced Science (KUAS)

Offer published on 2021-03-02

Discounted accommodation in Japan

Are you planning to study in Japan or go there as a tourist or long term visitor? Then we can help you to find accommodation at a discounted price:

During the pandemic you also have a unique chance to experience Japanese Homestay online at discounted prices.

This offer expires on 2024-12-31

Read more about the offer

Offer for Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute, Japan published on 2021-03-02

Discount at Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute

Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute offers discounts to all students who submit the discount code DreamStudies on their application:

  • The discount is 30000 Yen for all students applying for a long term course starting in April or October. To get the discount you need to apply no later than 3 months before the course starts.
  • Short term students get a 10000 Yen discount.
  • On the summer course (July 1st to July 22nd) students who enroll before March 31 get a 30000 yen discount, and students enrolling later get a 20000 yen discount.

Fill in our information request form to get started.

This offer expires on 2022-02-13

Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute

Offer for Language Campus Gran Canaria, Spain published on 2021-03-02

Start Your Language Journey with a 5% Discount!

Special offer this year! We offer a 5% discount on your tuition fees for all our programmes. Don't miss out!

This offer expires on 2025-12-31

Language Campus Gran Canaria

Offer for B.H.M.S. Business and Hotel Management School, Switzerland published on 2021-02-24

Special financial aid for European students

For students with excellent academic results and/or relevant prior work experience. B.H.M.S. Offer special financial scheme structure. All applicants have to be holders of EU passport and fullfill the admission requirements. For more details, please contact your local  B.H.M.S. representative.

This offer expires on 2022-02-24

B.H.M.S. Business and Hotel Management School

Offer for Hawai’i Pacific University (HPU), USA published on 2021-02-11

Scholarships for international students at HPY

Hawai’i Pacific University offers several scholarships for international undergraduate degree-seeking students. You can get up to $14,000 in scholarship per academic year.

International transfer students from California Community Colleges can get their education in the Aloha State at the same tuition rate as if you attended one of the public University of California campuses.

Read more on the link below and fill out an info request to get more information about available scholarships for Study Abroad-semesters and degree programs at HPU.

This offer expires on 2022-02-04

Read more about the offerHawai’i Pacific University (HPU)

Offer published on 2021-02-04

DreamStudies study abroad scholarship

Apply for DreamStudies' Study Abroad Scholarship of at least 1000 Euro for studying at selected colleges, universities and language schools abroad. The application deadline is December 15.

This offer expires on 2028-12-15

Read more about the offer

Offer published on 2021-02-04

Discount on Borderless Share House in Japan

Do you want to study in Japan? You can live in a Share House in the Tokyo (Kanto) or Osaka (Kansai) area, including the neighboring cities. You will have your own bedroom, but share bathroom, kitchen and other facilities with the others who live there.

Submit the discount code DreamStudies to get a discount at Borderless House. Then you get a onetime 30000 Yen discount (key money will be waived) so you save approximately $290.

Choose DreamStudies in the field Affiliate organisation on their reservation form, or write discount code DreamStudies on their contact forms to get the discount (see the link below).

This offer expires on 2025-12-31

Read more about the offer

Offer published on 2021-02-04

DreamStudies discount on Share House in Seoul

Do you want to study in Korea? You can live in a Share House in Seoul. You will have your own bedroom, but share bathroom, kitchen and other facilities with the others who live there.

Submit the discount code DreamStudies to get a discount at Borderless House and save 20000 KRW/month on your rent. Choose DreamStudies in the field Affiliate organisation on their reservation form, or write discount code DreamStudies on their contact forms to get the discount (see the link below).

This offer expires on 2023-02-04

Read more about the offer

Offer for Arts University Bournemouth, United Kingdom published on 2021-01-25

Scholarships of £2000-20000 at AUB

At Arts University Bournemouth we aim to have a diverse student environment with the best creative talent and have a large number of bursaries and scholarships available. These are awarded for every year of your course, giving you financial support throughout your time studying with us.

We have made this process as simple as possible. You don’t need to make a scholarship application, and whilst we can’t offer a scholarship to everyone who applies, you’ll be automatically considered for all eligible scholarships and bursaries once you complete your application to one of our full-time courses.

If you’re successful, we’ll let you know the amount you have been awarded shortly after you’ve been made an offer. We recommend that you pay your deposit by the date provided, to secure your scholarship.

For more information fill out an info request and see the link below.

This offer expires on 2021-12-31

Read more about the offerArts University Bournemouth

Offer for Kaplan Business School Australia, Australia published on 2021-01-14

Scholarship at Kaplan Business School, Australia

In our genuine ambition to help individuals around the world reach their educational and career goals, Kaplan Business School is offering a limited number of Regional  Scholarships to selected European students who can display a record of outstanding academic merit or relevant industry experience. If a citizen of Europe has achieved a least 65% (or equivalant) in prior academic studies or can demomstrate a least 3 years relevant work experience then they may be eligible for a 20% reduction in their course fees for the full duration of their studies. 

This offer expires on 2022-12-31

Read more about the offerKaplan Business School Australia

Offer for University of California Santa Barbara, USA published on 2021-01-06

10% Discount on tuition at UC Santa Barbara

A 10% discount scholarship on all tuition at high ranking University of California Santa Barbara Extension will be offered to students enrolling through DreamStudies. When applying on our site, please choose DreamStudies under the heading 'Agency Affliation.' This will initiate your discounted rate.

We hope to see you on campus soon! 

This offer expires on 2022-08-31

Read more about the offerUniversity of California Santa Barbara

Offer for Yamanashi Gakuin University, Japan published on 2021-01-05

Scholarships at Yamanashi Gakuin University

The International College of Liberal Arts (iCLA) offers merit-based full and partial tuition-waiver scholarships to a select number of students each year. Yamanashi Gakuin University financial aid may be combined with outside funding sources.

Scholarship Amounts:

  • Full Scholarship covering 100% tuition, facility and equipment fees
  • 3/4 Scholarship covering 75% tuition, facility and equipment fees
  • Half Scholarship covering 50% tuition, facility and equipment fees
  • 1/4 Scholarship covering 25% tuition, facility and equipment fees

Renewable every year based on overall performance. Maximum of 4 years.

Selection Criteria

  • Academic Achievement
  • Extracurricular Activities Achievement
  • Financial Need

Selection Process

Scholarship recipients are chosen based on the quality of their application materials and interview results.

Applications are taken through our online application system. The announcement of your scholarship application result will be included with the announcement of admission results.

This offer expires on 2022-11-08

Read more about the offerYamanashi Gakuin University

Offer for De Montfort University, United Kingdom published on 2020-12-20

DMU scholarship for EU-students starting 2021-2022

Due to Brexit students from the EU will no longer be eligible for home fee status in the UK and they will need to pay International tuition fees. However, for undergraduate EU students commencing their course in the academic year 2021/22, De Montfort University in Leicester has decided to give an automatic scholarship to bring the tuition fee down to home fee level of £9,250/year for the duration of their course.

This is a big scholarship where EU-students can save £5000-£5500/year! Fill out the info request form to get more information.

This offer expires on 2022-02-28

Read more about the offerDe Montfort University

Offer for Konkuk University, Korea published on 2020-12-20

Scholarships at Konkuk University

We help you free of charge with language courses at Konkuk University and Western students who apply with the help of DreamStudies don't need to do an application interview and therefore save 100000 KRW. Students that apply through us get a Confirmation of Visa Issuance document making your visa application at the Korean Embassy easier than if you only get an ordinary admission letter.

If you continue on Konkuk's undergraduate programs you get a 30% tuition fee scholarship on the first semester if you have achieved TOPIK level 3, and the scholarship increase with 10% for every higher TOPIK level, up to 60% of the tuition fee for TOPIK 6. From the second semester and onwards, they offer scholarships from 20% to 100% of the tuition fee to students with a GPA between 3 and 4 from their previous semester.

This offer expires on 2025-08-27

Konkuk University

Offer for Solemar Academy, Italy published on 2020-12-08

5% discount on the tuition fee

If you mention the discount code DreamStudies when you book an Italian language course at Solemar Academy you will receive a 5% discount on the tuition fee.

This offer expires on 2028-02-21

Solemar Academy

Offer for Lincoln University, New Zealand published on 2020-11-06

Scholarship for Taught Masters $NZ 7,000 - $10,000

Lincoln University offers partial merit scholarships for our Taught Master programmes.  These master programmes are coursework only, delivered over three academic semesters in 12 to 18 months, with intakes in February, July and November.  No scholarship application needs to be submitted just an application form for the programme of study, and the scholarship will be assessed at the same time assesssment is being made for entry to the programme.  Students with a B+ average from their bachelor degree or last year of bachelor degree are likley to be approved.

This offer expires on 2022-03-04

Read more about the offerLincoln University