Discount codes and scholarships for studying abroad

Universities, colleges, language schools and accommodation providers sometimes offer scholarships or discounts for students planning to study abroad. Here you will find all the latest offers, discounts, coupons and promo codes that we have received.

Offer for Collarts, Australia published on 2021-01-25

Scholarships at Collarts Australian College of Art

Study design or entertainment at Collarts in Melbourne, Australia. International students can apply for a Merit Scholarship of 3000-7000 AUD and regional scholarship of 1500-5000 AUD.

Fill out an info request for more information.

This offer expires on 2021-09-01

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Offer for Arts University Bournemouth, United Kingdom published on 2021-01-25

Scholarships of £2000-20000 at AUB

At Arts University Bournemouth we aim to have a diverse student environment with the best creative talent and have a large number of bursaries and scholarships available. These are awarded for every year of your course, giving you financial support throughout your time studying with us.

We have made this process as simple as possible. You don’t need to make a scholarship application, and whilst we can’t offer a scholarship to everyone who applies, you’ll be automatically considered for all eligible scholarships and bursaries once you complete your application to one of our full-time courses.

If you’re successful, we’ll let you know the amount you have been awarded shortly after you’ve been made an offer. We recommend that you pay your deposit by the date provided, to secure your scholarship.

For more information fill out an info request and see the link below.

This offer expires on 2021-12-31

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Offer published on 2021-01-23

Discount on Borderless Share House in Japan

Do you want to study in Japan? You can live in a Share House in the Tokyo (Kanto) or Osaka (Kansai) area, including the neighboring cities. You will have your own bedroom, but share bathroom, kitchen and other facilities with the others who live there.

Submit the discount code DreamStudies to get a discount at Borderless House. Then you get a onetime 30000 Yen discount (key money will be waived) so you save approximately $290.

Choose DreamStudies in the field Affiliate organisation on their reservation form, or write discount code DreamStudies on their contact forms to get the discount (see the link below).

This offer expires on 2025-12-31

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Offer for Waseda BK Japanese Language Course, Japan published on 2021-01-15

50% scholarship at Waseda BK in Tokyo

Students who fill out an information request on are eligible for the following unique discount and scholarship at Waseda BK language school in Tokyo:

50% guaranteed scholarship for citizens of the US, Canada, Australia, New Zeeland or one of the European countries
50% tuition discount/scholarship for passport holders of the above-mentioned nationalities who enroll in our school as a long-term student (minimum one year). The discount is given for the first year of study.

This discount is worth 350000 Yen (approximately $3350 or 2900 Euro). Don't miss this great opportunity. Fill out an information request now!

This offer expires on 2022-12-31

Waseda BK Japanese Language Course

Offer for SAMU Japanese Language School, Japan published on 2021-01-14

Big discounts on Japanese language courses

Samu Japanese Language School can offer some great discounts for students from DreamStudies: Samu wants to attract more Western students and thus offers a 70000 Yen discount on long term courses to students from Europe, Oceania and the Americas Students of other nationalities get a 15000 Yen discount on the long term courses On short term courses all students get a discount fo 10000 Yen To get this discount you need to submit an information request through DreamStudies. Japanese Consumption tax will be added.

This offer expires on 2022-12-31

SAMU Japanese Language School

Offer for Accent Français Montpellier, France published on 2021-01-14

5% discount on France Language courses in Montpell

Students who mentions DreamStudies (in the field How did you hear about Accent Français?) on their application to a course at Accent Français get 5% discount on the tuition fee. Fill out an information request form for more information.

This offer expires on 2022-08-31

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Offer for Kaplan Business School Australia, Australia published on 2021-01-14

Scholarship at Kaplan Business School, Australia

In our genuine ambition to help individuals around the world reach their educational and career goals, Kaplan Business School is offering a limited number of Regional  Scholarships to selected European students who can display a record of outstanding academic merit or relevant industry experience. If a citizen of Europe has achieved a least 65% (or equivalant) in prior academic studies or can demomstrate a least 3 years relevant work experience then they may be eligible for a 20% reduction in their course fees for the full duration of their studies. 

This offer expires on 2022-12-31

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Offer for University of California Santa Barbara, USA published on 2021-01-06

10% Discount on tuition at UC Santa Barbara

A 10% discount scholarship on all tuition at high ranking University of California Santa Barbara Extension will be offered to students enrolling through DreamStudies. When applying on our site, please choose DreamStudies under the heading 'Agency Affliation.' This will initiate your discounted rate.

We hope to see you on campus soon! 

This offer expires on 2022-08-31

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Offer for Yamanashi Gakuin University, Japan published on 2021-01-05

Scholarships at Yamanashi Gakuin University

The International College of Liberal Arts (iCLA) offers merit-based full and partial tuition-waiver scholarships to a select number of students each year. Yamanashi Gakuin University financial aid may be combined with outside funding sources.

Scholarship Amounts:

  • Full Scholarship covering 100% tuition, facility and equipment fees
  • 3/4 Scholarship covering 75% tuition, facility and equipment fees
  • Half Scholarship covering 50% tuition, facility and equipment fees
  • 1/4 Scholarship covering 25% tuition, facility and equipment fees

Renewable every year based on overall performance. Maximum of 4 years.

Selection Criteria

  • Academic Achievement
  • Extracurricular Activities Achievement
  • Financial Need

Selection Process

Scholarship recipients are chosen based on the quality of their application materials and interview results.

Applications are taken through our online application system. The announcement of your scholarship application result will be included with the announcement of admission results.

This offer expires on 2022-11-08

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Offer for Kyoto University of Advanced Science (KUAS), Japan published on 2021-01-05

Kyoto University of Advanced Science scholarships

KUAS offers two types of scholarships. 

1. Super KUAS-E Scholarship 

Stipend (for personal expenses) 1,200,000 JPY/year*
Tuition exemption (100%)
Admission fee exemption (100%)


2. KUAS-E Scholarship

Tuition reduction (100%, 50% or 30%)
Admission fee reduction (100%, 50% or 30%)

Fill out an information request for more info about these scholarships.

This offer expires on 2022-03-14

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Offer for BWS Germanlingua, Germany published on 2021-01-04

15-30% discount at BWS Germanlingua

We offer a discount of 15% on the standard and intensive course if booked at least 2-4 weeks or a discount of 30% on the standard and intensive course if booked more than 4 weeks. This discount is valid for 2021 and 2022 if booked by March 31 2021.

Fill out our request form for more information.

This offer expires on 2021-03-31

BWS Germanlingua

Offer for De Montfort University, United Kingdom published on 2020-12-20

DMU scholarship for EU-students starting 2021-2022

Due to Brexit students from the EU will no longer be eligible for home fee status in the UK and they will need to pay International tuition fees. However, for undergraduate EU students commencing their course in the academic year 2021/22, De Montfort University in Leicester has decided to give an automatic scholarship to bring the tuition fee down to home fee level of £9,250/year for the duration of their course.

This is a big scholarship where EU-students can save £5000-£5500/year! Fill out the info request form to get more information.

This offer expires on 2022-02-28

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Offer for Konkuk University, Korea published on 2020-12-20

Scholarships at Konkuk University

We help you free of charge with language courses at Konkuk University and Western students who apply with the help of DreamStudies don't need to do an application interview and therefore save 100000 KRW. Students that apply through us get a Confirmation of Visa Issuance document making your visa application at the Korean Embassy easier than if you only get an ordinary admission letter.

If you continue on Konkuk's undergraduate programs you get a 30% tuition fee scholarship on the first semester if you have achieved TOPIK level 3, and the scholarship increase with 10% for every higher TOPIK level, up to 60% of the tuition fee for TOPIK 6. From the second semester and onwards, they offer scholarships from 20% to 100% of the tuition fee to students with a GPA between 3 and 4 from their previous semester.

This offer expires on 2025-08-27

Konkuk University

Offer published on 2020-12-08

DreamStudies' Scholarship

Apply for DreamStudies' Study Abroad Scholarship of 1000-1500 Euro for studying at colleges, universities and language schools abroad. The application deadline is December 15.

This offer expires on 2028-12-15

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Offer for Solemar Academy, Italy published on 2020-12-08

5% discount on the tuition fee

If you mention the discount code DreamStudies when you book an Italian language course at Solemar Academy you will receive a 5% discount on the tuition fee.

This offer expires on 2028-02-21

Solemar Academy

Offer for Go Campus - USA Scholarships, USA published on 2020-11-24

Big scholarships in the US!

Get scholarships covering up to 70% of your costs when studying at selected colleges and universities in the US. Fill out an information request to get help with the scholarships and application.

This offer expires on 2021-06-30

Go Campus - USA Scholarships

Offer for Lincoln University, New Zealand published on 2020-11-06

Scholarship for Taught Masters $NZ 7,000 - $10,000

Lincoln University offers partial merit scholarships for our Taught Master programmes.  These master programmes are coursework only, delivered over three academic semesters in 12 to 18 months, with intakes in February, July and November.  No scholarship application needs to be submitted just an application form for the programme of study, and the scholarship will be assessed at the same time assesssment is being made for entry to the programme.  Students with a B+ average from their bachelor degree or last year of bachelor degree are likley to be approved.

This offer expires on 2022-03-04

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Offer for College of the Desert, USA published on 2020-11-02

New scholarship at College of the Desert

College of the Desert's International Education Program (IEP) welcomes students from over 30 countries! Our mission is to assist international students with achieving their educational goals by providing a program of comprehensive support services, now including scholarships.

College of the Desert International Campus Community Scholarships for new COD international students range between $500-$1500. The scholarship application process is simple.  Once students have completed their COD international student application, they just need to complete the linked COD scholarship application form.  Scholarship recipients will be notified by email.

In response to COVID-19, COD is offering all new spring 2021 international students up to $1,000 in Global Access Scholarships for fulltime online enrollment. With these scholarships, and not incurring the expenses related to in-person enrollment (housing, insurance, travel, etc.), new international students will save approximately 50% by starting their fulltime COD degree program online this fall.

This offer expires on 2021-01-31

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Offer for Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute, Japan published on 2020-08-17

Discount at Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute

Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute offers discounts to all students who submit the discount code DreamStudies on their application:

  • The discount is 30000 Yen for all students applying for a long term course starting in April or October. To get the discount you need to apply no later than 3 months before the course starts.
  • Short term students get a 10000 Yen discount.
  • On the summer course (July 1st to July 22nd) students who enroll before March 31 get a 30000 yen discount, and students enrolling later get a 20000 yen discount.

Fill in our information request form to get started.

This offer expires on 2021-02-13

Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute

Offer for Australia Application support from Go Study, Australia published on 2019-03-24

Scholarships to Australia

Go Study can give you outstanding scholarship opportunities across many universities in Australia. Here are just a few:

  • 20-30% off business degrees at Torrens University (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide)
  • 20% off all undergraduate courses at Macquarie University (Sydney)
  • 20% off all undergraduate and postgraduate courses at Edith Cowan University (Perth)
  • $8000 scholarship study digital media, animation, IT at The Academy of Information Technology (Sydney, Melbourne)
  • And MORE!!! Nearly every university has a scholarship or discount we can help you apply for

Fill out an information request to use these offers.


This offer expires on 2025-02-03

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