Study Abroad Insurance

Studying abroad can be a real adventure. Make sure to stay safe by having a good study abroad insurance. Here is our recommendations.

Here we give you some general information and advice about study abroad insurances but DreamStudies can never be held responsible for you not having adequate insurance. Make your own decision and always check what is included before booking an insurance. We are not an insurance broker so contact the relevant insurance company directly if you have any questions or if you need assistance.


What study abroad insurance do you recommend for non US students?

For most students we think that AVIs SECURITY PASS'PORT is the best option on the market. You can take this insurance to study in Europe, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, China and almost all anywhere except Cuba, Russia, and a few other countries. It gives you good coverage in most areas at a reasonable price but make sure to check out the conditions before booking. This insurance can be signed by all nationalities except students from the US and a few other countries.


What study abroad insurance do you recommend for students from the US?

Students from the United States cannot take the AVI insurance that we recommended above. The same goes for students who are from or want to study in Belarus, Cuba, Iran, Lebanon, North Korea, Palestine & Gaza zone, Russia, Syria, Ukraine, and Venezuela.

For these students and destinations our recommendation currently goes to Dr Walter's Protrip World insurance which provide good coverage for a good price.


Why do I need a study abroad insurance?

Most foreign schools require that you show a proof of an insurance on the first day of school so they know that you are protected if something happens. Many people believe that insurances primarily cover theft and health care but there are other things that can be even more costly. For example, if you need to be picked up by a helicopter and flown home for treatment after an accident the transport alone can cost over € 100 000 without insurance. If you accidentally cause damage to your accommodation it can also result in great costs. So don't think that it wont happen to you. Be safe by making sure to have a good insurance that will protect you during your studies.


What is OSHC in Australia?

The Australian government demands that students who apply for a student visa to Australia with a few exceptions sign up for OSHC, Overseas Student Health Cover which provides a basic medical and hospital insurance in Australia. You should not arrive in Australia before your OSHC is valid.

However this insurance does not cover theft, liability, legal costs, damages you cause, sick transport and other important things so our recommendation is that you also get a study abroad insurance so you can feel safe and enjoy your studies without concerns.


Do I need an extra insurance to drive a car?

Study Abroad Insurances usually don't cover driving (at least costs for repairs and damages that you cause), so remember to always get a separate insurance if you want to drive abroad. If you rent a car the rental company should offer such an insurance.


Does study abroad insurances cover tuition fees?

Study Abroad Insurance usually don't cover tuition fees and they are usually not activated until the day of departure. If you cancel your studies before you go you have no insurance coverage unless you have taken a cancellation insurance. It might be good to do so if you book a really expensive course that must be paid in advance. Otherwise you risk losing the entire tuition fee.

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