Universitat Politècnica de València

The Universitat Politecnica de Valencia (UPV) is a public institution and it's the #1 tecnical university in Spain that focuses on research and teaching.

Why study at Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV)?

  •  #1 technical university in Spain according to Shangai rankings 2022, and the only technological university in Spain that appears in all international rankings.
  • It's the Spanish university with the highest number of international accreditations, a badge that identifies high-quality engineering studies in Europe and beyond its borders.
  • It's a public institution with around 30,000 students spread across three campuses in València, Gandia, and Alcoy with modern facilities and excellent services. All three share the same philosophy that made the UPV a benchmark university and they offer identical opportunities to students.  
  • UPV offers its own Spanish Foundation program for students whose level of Spanish is insufficient to start their academic program and a language academy to learn or improve English, French, German, and Italian at a low cost.
  • UPV has more than 1,000 Erasmus agreements which allows the exchange of students with universities in Canada, the United States, Latin America, China, Japan and Australia. 
  • It is the 4th university in Europe in received Erasmus students, out of a total of 4,500 institutions participating in the program.
  • UPV is the national leader in the number of patent registrations.
  • It is among the 250 universities with the best employability in the world. 
  • 800 companies have emerged within the UPV thanks to the push of the IDEAS Institute. More than 10,000 students have participated in entrepreneurship activities and have been advised by IDEAS team. 
  • UPV is the best university in Spain in waste management and the 35th in the world. It is also in the global top 100 in energy efficiency and the fight against climate change (Greenmetrics ranking). 
  • UPV organizes Job Fair every year, a two-day fair in which UPV students and graduates have direct contact with more than 135 companies from various sectors with around 1500 job offers.

Programs and Courses

SPANISH FOUNDATION PROGRAM - € 500 Registration fee + € 7,450 Tuition

  • We have 2 intakes: from Septembber to June and from January to July
  • 5 days/week - 4/5 hours/day in-class + activities/excursions
  • From A1 to B2

BACHELOR'S DEGREE PROGRAMS - Guaranteed admission for our B2 Spanish Certificate and a valid high school diploma. Tuition: € 850/year up to € 1,200/year.

  • Agricultural and Biological Engineering
  • Business Administration and Management
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Forest and Environmental Engineering
  • Geomatics and Surveying Engineering
  • Interactive Technologies
  • Technical Architecture
  • Telecommunications Systems, Sound and Image Engineering
  • Tourism

MASTER'S DEGREE PROGRAMS - Access to any program will depend on the directing team of each master. Full program tuition: € 1,750 - € 4,750 .

  • Acoustics Engineering
  • Agrifood and Environmental Economy
  • Aquaculture
  • Computer and Network Engineering
  • Concrete Engineering
  • Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage
  • Data Analysis, Process Improvement and Decision Support Engineering
  • Energy Technologies for Sustainable Development
  • Enology (Wine Production)
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Forest Engineering
  • Geomatics Engineering and Geographic Information Systems
  • Health and Vegetable Production
  • Industrial and Environmental Safety
  • Industrial Constructions and Installations
  • Intelligent Transport Systems MD-ITS
  • Languages and Technology
  • Materials Engineering, Science Processing, and Characterization
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Plant Molecular and Cellular Biotechnology
  • Preservation of Architectural Heritage
  • Project Management
  • Propulsive Systems for a Sustainable Mobility
  • Science, Technology and Innovation Studies
  • Sports Company Management
  • Sports Management and Active Tourism

Campuses and the Cities

Alcoy, Gandia, and Valencia are three capitals with a rich university history, as well as having a great historical and cultural heritage and good connections that allow you to easily discover and explore the surroundings. 

Valencia Campus is located to the north of the city of Valencia in a peaceful setting that borders with traditional farmland. It consists of nearly 60 buildings arranged in an orderly manner around the Agora, which is the centre of life on campus. There are over 108,000 square metres of green spaces that house an open-air museum of sculpture. The sports facilities include an indoor swimming pool, a sports complex, a gymnasium, a running track, a Valencian pelota court (trinquet), a cycling track and several tennis and paddle tennis courts. It has all the facilities needed to provide high quality higher education.

Gandia campus is located in the Grau de Gandia neighborhood, close to the port and the beach. It includes reference laboratories for all its specialities, such as the acoustic chambers, the chemistry lab or the TV studio. There is also a building comprising conference rooms and the Aula Magna (Main Hall), which can host conferences and large-scale events. Besides, there are sports facilities for a wide range of sports; and also a Learning and Research Resource Centre (CRAI), which includes a large library and spaces for research, teamwork and language self-study.

Alcoi Campus offers a modern university, equipped with all the services (free wifi, computer rooms, library, affordable gym for students, restaurant, café or dinner, employment office, etc.) and resources to meet the needs of our students and ensuring quality education with useful and cutting-edge technology in two traditional and elegant buildings.

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Subjects you can take at Universitat Politècnica de València


Number of students: +30000

Schools and faculties: 13

Teaching staff: 3600

Administrative staff: 1500

Dates for Spanish foundation: October-June or January-July

20% Scholarship on Spanish courses w ECTS Credits!

Ready to embark on a journey of learning Spanish and opening doors to your future through higher education in Spain? Join our Spanish Foundation Program at UPV's Gandia Campus today!


Spain's top-ranked technical university, recognized by the Shanghai Rankings and placed 400th in the QS World rankings, offers an exceptional academic environment across three stunning campuses in Valéncia, Gandía, and Alcoy.

  • 5 minutes from the Mediterranean Sea
  • No exam requirement for UPV Admissions
  • 3 minutes from the student residence

Send your application before June 3rd, get 20% scholarship on tuition and pay only € 5,960!

After successful completion of B2 level in our Spanish Foundation program:
Bachelor´s Degree programs: between € 850 - € 1,200/year
Master´s Degree programs: € 1,750 - € 4,750/total duration of the program

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This offer expires on 2024-06-03

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