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Articles about Language Schools

  • German Language Schools in Germany
    Do you want to learn German? There is no better way than to study at a German Language School in Germany. Here we answer all common questions and recommend some good language schools.
  • 8 steps to choose a school abroad
    So you have decided to study abroad. Great! But there are literally thousands of schools to choose from. In this article we help you to find a school that is right for you.
  • What can I study abroad?
    The first thing you need to decide when you plan to study abroad is what and where you want to study. Here we take a look at the different options that are available.
  • Summer courses abroad in 2019
    What will you do this summer? Why not travel and study at the same time? Here are some good options for summer school courses abroad:
  • The experts’ best study abroad advice
    Are you going to study abroad or do you think about doing so? We asked eight different experts to give us their best study abroad advice which we present to you below.
  • The 20 most popular language schools
    Which language schools do you think are the most popular in the world? Here is the answer from the Swedish students in 2016.
  • Win a language course in Alicante, Spain
    Do you want to improve your Spanish and experience life in sunny Alicante by the Mediterranean Sea? Participate in our competition and win a two weeks language course.

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