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Q&A about language schools

Why should I study at a language school abroad?

There is no better way to learn a language than to study it at a language school in a country where it is spoken. Classes are small and your teachers will all be native speakers. The schools sole purpose is to help foreigners like you to master the language. Outside of the classroom you are constantly put in situations where you need can practice the language in real life.

How do I book a course at a language school?

Use the application link on the school page. Once the school has received your application they will help you along. You also find a lot of information to help you prepare for your studies abroad here at Dream Studies Abroad.

What does a school day look like?

Depending on the course you have chosen you will usually have 3-6 lessons per day on weekdays. Often these lessons take place in the morning, for example 9 to 12, but some schools let you choose between morning and afternoon or evening classes. On intensive courses you will have longer days for example 9 am to 3 pm.

After school you will have plenty of time to explore your study destination. Schools usually organize a lot of social activities such as excursions, sport events, guided tours, bbq, experiencing local traditions etc.

Will I get a lot of homework?

Schools usually give you some homework but normally it can be done in less than an hour. If you want to make good progress you will need to study outside of the classroom. However you will still have plenty of time to relax and explore and anywhere you go you have the chance to improve your language skills so don't hesitate to talk to the locals.

If you study an Asian language like Japanese, Chinese or Korean you should prepared to study more on your own as these languages are more demanding to learn.

Can I get help with accommodation?

Yes most schools can help you to arrange accommodation while you are studying. The most common options are homestays (often including breakfast and dinner), residences and shared apartments.

How long can I study?

You can choose how long you want to stay. Many schools start new courses every Monday or at least once or twice a month. The minimum length is usually two weeks and the maximum length is determined by your language level. If you are a total beginner in a language you could stay for a year, or even two if you choose to study an Asian language.

How old can I be to study at a language school?

The schools have a minimum age which usually is somewhere between 16 and 18 years old. There are no upper age limit. For younger students there are specific junior courses.

Will the school have a course on my level?

Usually you will get a language test on the first day at school, some schools will give you an online test in advance instead. You will then be placed in a class based on your test result. Schools usually give classes on 5-10 different levels. Pick a school that offers many levels if you are concerned about this or if you already have a high level.

Do you have any more questions about language schools?

Don't hesitate to ask DreamStudies!

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