Tokyo Ikuei Japanese Language School

Make your dream to study abroad in Shibuya, Tokyo come true! Tokyo Ikuei maintains high levels of student satisfaction and is constantly integrating programs to support student growth.

Why study at Tokyo Ikuei Japanese Language school

1. Variety of activities

We value both study and recreation at Tokyo Ikuei.

At least twice a year, our institution organizes school trips and educational visits with ease. We arranged field trips to Disney Land and Nikko Edomura, where we can experience ninja,and others.

We provide a variety of activities that allow students to not only observe but also actively participate.

Taking pictures in yukata, learning Japanese martial arts such as Karate, making traditional Japanese foods such as sushi and rice cakes, experiencing pop culture such as manga and voice acting, throwing shurikens in a ninja experience, are some of the activities.

Tokyo Ikuei provides various activities that are not available at other schools.

If you've traveled all the way to Japan, let's have a one-of-a-kind Japanese experience and make unforgettable memories together!

2. Rich international ratio

Students from the United States, Italy, Australia, Russia, Colombia, China and more study at Tokyo Ikuei.

Tokyo Ikuei teachers have a wealth of expertise teaching pupils from non-Kanji speaking nations. As a result, even if you don't know a single kanji, you shouldn't be concerned. Let's start with the fundamentals.

We also undertake collaborative programs with Japanese universities on a regular basis. Our students can output and further consolidate what they have learnt in the classroom by interacting with Japanese university students.

3. High Satisfaction

Tokyo Ikuei has a Google rating of 5 stars.

We feel we achieved this ranking as a result of our numerous activities and generous assistance for our students. Each term, we employ a framework that allows us to assess each student's strengths from a variety of angles. We assess not only grades and attendance, but also other aspects of a student's life, and provide assistance that is tailored to each student's specific requirements.

Course Outline

1. Long-term course

This course is for long-term study in Japan with a college student visa.

Classes are separated into ten levels based on Japanese language competency, with a test every three months to determine class placement. It enables our students to objectively track their progress in learning Japanese.

Our experts will assist you with your visa application because they have vast visa application knowledge.

Students are allowed to spend their spare time sightseeing or working part-time.

Enrollment periods are as follows: April, July, October, and January.

Class times are 9:10:12:40 or 13:10:16:40.

Beginner I-III, Intermediate I-IV, and Advanced I-III are the class levels.

Application Period: About 6 months before enrollment.

2. Short-term course

This is a short-term course of study with a visa other than a college student visa.

Students can attend school for half a day and then go sightseeing throughout the rest of the day.

Tokyo Ikuei Japanese Language School is in the heart of Tokyo and makes an excellent location for sightseeing.

Enrollment periods are as follows: April, July, October, and January.

Class times are 9:10:12:40 or 13:10:16:40.

Beginner I-III, Intermediate I-IV, and Advanced I-III are the class levels.

Period of application: any time (negotiable)

3. Summer course

During the summer, this course serves as a mini-study abroad experience. The course combines Japanese language education with sightseeing in Japan.

We can ask ahead of time about sites you want to visit and cultural experiences you want to try, and we can design a course just for you. We will hold the course if a sufficient quantity of students register. Please contact us for additional information.

Other strong points of us

1. Trustable School

Tokyo Ikuei Japanese Language school is operated by AIA Corporation. In addition to the Japanese language business, AIA Corporation owns various other businesses such as fashion, IT, publishing, cosmetics, and entertainment. Please apply with confidence because our school has a solid foundation. Our students can tour AIA Corporation's enterprises and learn about the Japanese work environment.

2. Safety

Tokyo Ikuei Japanese Language School prioritizes student safety, which is why we need all long-term students to be insured by private insurance. Because students will be in Japan for an extended period of time, they may be involved in an unforeseen illness or accident. In such circumstances, our students might seek private insurance to cover expenses not covered by National Insurance. Our specialists will help you file a claim in a foreign language.

3. Scholarship

Swedish government subsidies (CSN) are available for study abroad; if you are a Swedish citizen over the age of 20 and under the age of 56, you may be eligible if you study for at least 13 weeks. For further information, please contact us. Let us assist you in selecting the best study abroad program for you.

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Subjects you can take at Tokyo Ikuei Japanese Language School

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