DreamStudies’ study abroad scholarship

DreamStudies’ study abroad scholarship

DreamStudies’ study abroad scholarship - deadline December 15! We hand out scholarships four scholarships for a total value of $5000-$10000 USD each year. Read more and apply here.

In August 2017 DreamStudies founded a scholarship for students who want to study abroad. Most scholarships are limited to a few schools or countries. However, our scholarship is open to all universities, colleges and language schools all over the world.

Scholarship winners

We have handed out study abroad scholarships since 2018. Here you can find our latest scholarship winners:

  • Isabelle Melind - was awarded a $1000 scholarship for a psychology degree at Arizona State University, USA
  • Samuel Anantha - was awarded a 1000 Euro scholarship for a Master at CBS International Business School in Germany
  • Asmaa Othman - was awarded a 2000 Euro scholarship for a degree program at Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management in Dubai, UAE
  • Gregory Robinson - was awarded a 700 000 KRW scholarship for a language course at Konkuk University in Korea
  • Ainara Rico - was awarded a 500 Euro scholarship for a degree program at Hankuk University in Korea through Asia Exchange
  • Meya Andersson - was awarded a $1000 scholarship for studies at Los Angeles City College in the USA
  • Edit Malm - was awarded a 1150 Euro scholarship for a Spanish language course University of Alicante i Spanien
  • Chloe Rundberg - was awarded a $1000 scholarship for study abroad semesters at the University of California Riverside, USA

Scholarships for $5000-$10000 USD

DreamStudies hand out 4-8 one time scholarships of $500-$2000 USD per year. Students may be awarded different amounts within the above mentioned range. In total we hand out $5000-$10000 USD in scholarships per year.

The scholarships are available for studies at selected colleges, universities, and language schools abroad. On the application page (click the button below), and in our scholarship guide you can see which schools you can apply for. You cannot apply for our scholarship to schools that are not listed there.

Please note that this scholarship will not be enough to support you on long-term studies. You will still need other funding as well.

Bonus scholarship for language courses in Germany

If you want to study German in Germany, you have a double scholarship chance. In addition to our usual scholarships of $500-$2000 USD, you can also receive a scholarship that covers 25% of the tuition fee at the language school GoAcademy in Düsseldorf.

Who can apply?

You can get the scholarship for full-time studies starting in 2025 (or January 2026) at one of the selected schools on the application page (you cannot get it for programs that started in 2024 or earlier). If you want to start later, you should wait and apply for a scholarship in the coming years instead. Anyone can apply regardless of age, nationality, and background.

You do not need to be accepted by a school abroad when you apply for the scholarship, but if you receive the scholarship, it is on to the condition that you will study at the school and program which you mention in your scholarship application. We will put you in touch with the school you apply the scholarship for so they can give you more information. Please note that you can only get the scholarship if you apply directly to the school chosen above with assistance from DreamStudies. Students applying with the help of third-party agencies or exchange programs organized by their home university will be disqualified from this scholarship.

Application deadline and the scholarship winner

The application deadline is 15 December each year. DreamStudies’ Board of Directors then decides which student will be awarded the scholarship. His or her name is made public at the end of January. For more details see the terms and conditions on the application page.

Tell us about your studies

If you are awarded our scholarship, you are expected to write a blog post, record a video or do an Instagram takeover during one of your first months abroad telling others about your study abroad experience.

To apply you need to submit the following:

  • Information about which school you need the scholarship for
  • Personal information and contact details
  • Write an application letter where you answer the following three questions:
    • Who are you?
    • What do you want to achieve by studying abroad?
    • Why do you need this scholarship?

The application is made digitally by pressing the button below (visible when the scholarship is open for applications). Only complete applications will be considered. Please note that we are unable to answer questions about individual applications.

More information

Read more about scholarship for studying abroad and discounts for universities and language schools abroad.

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Download our Study Abroad Handbook

Download our Study Abroad Handbook

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