SAMU Japanese Language School

SAMU Japanese Language School in Tokyo focuses on culture experience, has great interest in student diversity, and supports students in finding part-time job.

Why study at SAMU Japanese Language School

Among many reasons why you should study with us, a few stand out to make SAMU Language School a unique choice:

Friendly & helpful staff and experienced & professional teachers
We are committed to taking care of each single SAMU student. All our staff has worked in this field for many years and they themselves have the experience of studying abroad, so they know your needs and are willing to help you to make your study life smooth and problem free. Our faculty crew is a team with diversity in terms of age, gender and background. All our teachers are licensed and have experience in teaching Japanese abroad. Our passion and professionalism is the foundation to keep the teaching quality high and make the course both practical and fun. 

Support in finding part-time/full-time job
Bridge Academy, a group company of SAMU, is a recruiter company, providing free of charge professional support to our students in finding a part-time job: from CV preparation, job hunting, making a recommendation to interview training. For students with a bachelor degree, we even help them to find a full-time job after studying with us. 

Quick development and exposure to Asian culture
Located in Korean town, with a balanced mixture of Asian students, SAMU is a place where you meet Asian friends and practice Japanese with them.

Japanese courses

Course term

Long-term course on a student visa (half year - 2 years), starting 4 times a year (January, April, July, October), 20 hours a week, either morning or afternoon class. Application period: 6 months prior to the start of school term.

Short term course (1-3 months) on other visas (tourist or visa waiver program), enrolling on the same schedule of long-term course, with one month application period. 

Elective classes

Available to intermediate level and above students, in which students are able to strengthen weak subjects, and prepare for the Japanese Proficiency Exam. Preparation courses for the Examination for Japanese University Admission are also available. 

Culture experience together with language acquisition 

We have designed an academic year full of exciting events, from traditional Japanese culture experience like tea ceremony, flower arrangement, kimono trying, extracurricular activities like museum visiting;  singing/sports/speech contest to BBQ and hot spring trips. We believe that study is for fun, fun is the best motivation to study well. SAMU language school strives to continuously evolve and provide the best education to our students.


The language school in Shin-Okubo, Tokyo

School history and location
SAMU Language School has a long history as a Japanese school, created in 1986 to offer Japanese language education to the international world and to welcome students from all parts of the world interested in learning about Japanese language and culture. Students are able to enjoy a comfortable campus life in our brand new school building completed in 2012. The campus is located in Shinjuku, the center of Tokyo, 2 minutes walk from the Shin-Okubo Station, a popular Korean Town, where Japanese culture and Korean culture meet and mix. Libraries, banks, post offices, sports center, parks and public facilities are conveniently nearby.

Meet Japanese students from Bridge Academy
Students are able to experience culture exchange and use their Japanese skills with Japanese students from our sister school Bridge Academy. Communication skills are strengthened by interacting with native Japanese students through trips, culture exchange events, social gatherings and many other events.

Special discount on tuition for students from DreamStudies
We invite students from all over the world to study with us. Applicants of both short and long-term courses from DreamStudies are entitled to a special discount on tuition if they submit an information request on this page. We look forward to the wonderful encounter with you on our campus!


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Subjects you can take at SAMU Japanese Language School


Number of students: 450

Intake: January, April, July, October

Student nationalities: We have students from countries such as China, Korean, Vietnam, Nepal, Burma, Sweden, Russia, Thailand and many other countries studying at SAMU

Facilities: Library, PC room , Lecture rooms, Students’ Lounge, Vending Machines, Counseling Room, Japanese media for learning

Levels: From beginner to advanced

Accreditation: The Association for the promotion of the Japanese Language Education

Japanese online courses in July

Right now Samu is offering several online courses in Japanese starting in July:

  • Study 30 hours N5 and N4 preparation online from July 2 to September 29 and prepare for your Embassy interview - price 30000 Yen, and get a 75000 Yen discount if you start a course onsite afterwards.
  • Take 10 online courses within 30 days on beginner to intermediate level and start in July, August or September. Price 16000 Yen.

Samu Japanese Language School can offer some great discounts for students from DreamStudies: Samu wants to attract more Western students and thus offers a 70000 Yen discount on long term courses to students from Europe, Oceania and the Americas Students of other nationalities get a 15000 Yen discount on the long term courses On short term courses all students get a discount fo 10000 Yen To get this discount you need to submit an information request through DreamStudies. Japanese Consumption tax will be added.

Fill out an info request for more information about these special offers.

This offer expires on 2022-12-31

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