SAMU Japanese Language School

SAMU Japanese Language School in Tokyo emphasizes cultural experiences, values student diversity, and provides comprehensive support in finding part-time jobs.

Here's why you should study at SAMU Language School

Friendly & helpful staff and experienced & professional teachers
We are committed to taking care of each individual student at SAMU. All our staff have worked in this field for many years, and they themselves have the experience of studying abroad. They know your needs and are willing to help you make your study life smooth and problem-free. Our faculty crew is a team with diversity in terms of age, gender, and background. All our teachers are licensed and have experience in teaching Japanese abroad. Our passion and professionalism form the foundation to maintain high teaching quality and make the course both practical and fun! Some of the unique characteristics about us include: 

1.  Small Class Sizes: With small class sizes, students receive more personalized attention and opportunities for active participation in class.

2. Vibrant Location: Located in Shinjuku, the heart of Tokyo, students have access to a lively urban environment with diverse amenities, shops, and attractions.

3.Multi-National Environment: The school attracts students from over 30 countries, creating a rich multicultural atmosphere for language exchange and networking. This is especially important for students as it creates an immersive environment where you are able to use Japanese freely and learn during each and every conversation you have.

4. Supportive Services: SAMU provides assistance in various aspects, including accommodation arrangements (please note that we do this through an agency), visa support, and guidance in finding part-time jobs for those eligible.

Japanese Courses

Course term

Long-term course on a student visa (half year - 2 years), starting 4 times a year (January, April, July, October), 20 hours a week, either morning or afternoon class. Application period: 6 months prior to the start of school term.

Short term course (1-3 months) on other visas (tourist or visa waiver program), enrolling on the same schedule of long-term course, with one month application period. 

Elective classes

Available to intermediate-level and above students, this program allows students to strengthen weak subjects and prepare for the Japanese Proficiency Exam. Additionally, we offer preparation courses for the Examination for Japanese University Admission.

Culture experience together with language acquisition 

We have designed an academic year full of exciting events, ranging from traditional Japanese cultural experiences like tea ceremonies, flower arrangement, and trying on kimonos, to extracurricular activities such as museum visits, singing/sports/speech contests, BBQs, and hot spring trips. We believe that studying should be enjoyable, and fun serves as the best motivation for successful learning. At SAMU Language School, we strive to continuously evolve and provide the best education to our students.

*There will be a possibility for a discount for April 2024 students! Check our page to see when it is updated! 

Cultural Fusion: The Language School in Shin-Okubo, Tokyo

School history and location
SAMU Language School has a long history as a Japanese school, created in 1986 to offer Japanese language education to the international world and to welcome students from all parts of the world interested in learning about Japanese language and culture. Students are able to enjoy a comfortable campus life in our brand new school building completed in 2012. The campus is located in Shinjuku, the center of Tokyo, 2 minutes walk from the Shin-Okubo Station. Libraries, banks, post offices, sports center, parks and public facilities are nearby.

Whether students aim to strengthen their language skills for personal or professional reasons, pursue higher education in Japan, or simply satisfy their curiosity about this fascinating language and culture, SAMU Language School stands ready to be their trusted guide on their journey of discovery. Together, we unlock the potential for personal growth, intercultural understanding, and an enriched outlook on life.

Students Voices 

"If you're considering continued education or getting a job, staying in a convenient city center is best. There is an abundance of school and job opportunities, travel time and expenses are reduced, and information is easier to obtain. I emphasized those points when choosing this school." -Thant Cynn Soe Htet 

"All the teachers are kind and precise in their teaching, so the lessons are always enjoyable.
SAMU's students are often praised for their pronunciation and wording, being told things like how they speak beautiful Japanese without any bad habits."- Maced Weber Michele 

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Subjects you can take at SAMU Japanese Language School


Number of students: 450

Intake: January, April, July, October

Student nationalities: We have students from countries such as China, Korean, Vietnam, Nepal, Burma, Sweden, Russia, Thailand and many other countries studying at SAMU

Facilities: Library, Lecture rooms, Students’ Lounge, Vending Machines, Counseling Room, Japanese media for learning, Rooftop

Levels: From beginner to advanced

Accreditation: The Association for the promotion of the Japanese Language Education

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