Waseda BK Japanese Language Course

Waseda BK is a Japanese language school in Tokyo that aims to make persistent efforts in satisfying the individual needs of our students. Over a 50% discount on our long term course!

Why study at Waseda BK?

Our students are family, Waseda BK will be your home in Japan. 

There are many language schools in Japan but we are different because we have 3 characterists that other languae schools can't offer. 

1. Japanese language school with a rich history

    Waseda BK was established in 1988 and has been teaching Japanese to students from around the world for over 30 years.

    You can enjoy studying Japanese with our experienced teachers. 

2. Multilingual staff

    The staff at Waseda BK are multilingual staff and can help you get settled in and accustomed to life in Japan.

    We can correspond in English, Russian, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamies. 

3. Great scholorship

    We offer 50% tuition discount for first year of your study if you hold a passport from America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, or European 



Regular Course (Admission in April) 

If you simply want to learn Japanese and experience the culture, take this course. 

University Preparatory Courses (Admission in April, July, and October) 

Within these courses, students can systematically learn Japanese as well as academic Japanese language skills. Classes are designed for students of all levels based on their future academic goals. Preparation classes for the EJU and the JLPT are also included in the courses in order to obtain high scores in each test.

Online 150-hour Course (Admission in June and December) 

Even though Japanese Language Proficiency Certificate is not mandatory for applying student visa, we require all applicants to submit JLPT N5 or above or a certificate of 150 hours of Japanese study. We require this because it is very important to get familiar with Japanese before coming to Japan in order to settle in and to make your dream come true. If you are thinking to study long term in Japan but don't have any Japanese back ground, please take this course. This 150-hour course can be completed in 3 months. We offer special discount for those who take this course and apply for our long-term course.

Why do we offer 50% tuition discount?

We offer 50% tuition discount for students who meet all school requirements and hold a passport from America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, or European countries. This is because in Asian countries, it is common for parents to pay for their children's tuition and fully support the cost of studying abroad, whereas Western students study abroad at their own expense. We offer this scholarship for students who have a strong desire to study abroad because we want to help students who are unable to study abroad due to financial reasons. We have been having around 10 students from America, Sweden, Netherland, and Germany to study in our school with this scholarship so far. Nowadays, you can easily study Japanese from native speakers online. However, there are many experiences that can only be gained by actually coming to Japan, living there, and taking classes. If you want to go to Japan, study Japanese, live in Japan, or if you are even a little bit interested in Japan, Waseda BK will do our best to help you take the first step. The border in Japan remains closed for all international people due to the pandemic but Waseda BK is always open for students who want to make their dream come true in Japan.

The text above is written by the school. Fill out an information request if you are interested in this school. Then you will receive more information from us or the school and you will be eligible for our discounts and special offers.

Subjects you can take at Waseda BK Japanese Language Course

Number of Students: 800

Do we have scholarship?: YES! We offer 50% tuition discount!

50% scholarship at Waseda BK in Tokyo

Students who fill out an information request on DreamStudiesAbroad.com are eligible for the following unique discount and scholarship at Waseda BK language school in Tokyo:

50% guaranteed scholarship for citizens of the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or one of the European countries
50% tuition discount/scholarship for passport holders of the above-mentioned nationalities who enroll in our school as a long-term student (minimum one year). The discount is given for the first year of study.

This discount is worth 350000 Yen (approximately $2750 or 2600 Euro). Don't miss this great opportunity. Fill out an information request now!

150-hour online course with an extra 90000 Yen discount
Waseda BK now offers a 150-hour online course for beginners in Japanese. The price is 120,000 Yen, about $900, but if you sign up for a one-year course on-site in Japan afterward, you get a 90,000 Yen discount plus the scholarship of 50% above! In other words, you would only pay 30000 Yen ($220) for 150 hours of online Japanese course.

This offer expires on 2024-12-31

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