Waseda BK Japanese Language Course

Waseda BK is a Japanese language school in Tokyo that aims to make persistent efforts in satisfying the individual needs of our students. Over a 50% discount on our long term course!

Why study at Waseda BK?

Waseda BK has 3 characteristics that other Japanese language schools can't offer.

1. Excellent Academic Advancements.

    We offer academic career counseling for every student. 

    Depending on your specific needs, we aim to help you achieve your goal of acceptance into a university or trade school.

2. We offer elective classes on top of learning Japanese.

    A few choices include animation, tea ceremony, and traditional flower arrangement.

3. We have a spacious campus and a comfortable learning environment.

    Our school facilities create a spacious and comfortable learning environment for students.

    We offer 1 on 1 help to our students, based on the student's needs. 


University Preparatory Courses (Admission every April, July, and October) 

Within these courses, students can systematically learn Japanese as well as academic Japanese language skills. Classes are designed for students of all levels based on their future academic goals. Preparation classes for the Examination for Japanese University (EJU) and the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) are also included in the courses in order to obtain high scores in each test.

Regular Course (Admission every April) 

If you are aiming to learn about Japanese culture please take our regular courses.

Business Course (Admission every April) 

If you want to work in Japan, please take this course. Students will not only learn business language and culture but will also develop their critical thinking skills to work at Japanese companies through practical activities and discussion. *You must have a bachelor’s degree and N3 or above to apply to this course.  


Why do you want to learn Japanese at Waseda BK?

Waseda BK has great Japanese classes from beginner level to advance level but we also have fun events throughout the year. We have 2 major events in May and October. In May, we go on a day trip! We have been to Kamakura, Fuji Q, Disney Land, and Hakone. In October, we have a school festival (bunkasai). We invite food carts to serve yummy food for free! There are a Karaoke competition and talent show to bring additional excitement to the school festival. Other events include a cultural exchange party with Japanese people, watching a sumo match, and so on. 

Why do you want to learn Japanese? 

Is it to be able to speak to the Native Japanese people and understand the culture?

Or, is it to understand what they are saying in your favorite Anime or Drama?

Whatever your Japanese learning goal may be, we are here to help every student respectfully.

Fill out an information request if you are interested in this school. Then you will receive more information from us or the school and you will be eligible for our discounts and special offers.

Subjects you can take at Waseda BK Japanese Language Course

Number of Students: 800

50% scholarship at Waseda BK in Tokyo

Students who fill out an information request on DreamStudiesAbroad.com are eligible for the following unique discounts and scholarships at Waseda BK language school in Tokyo:

50% guaranteed scholarship for citizens of the US, Canada, Australia, New Zeeland or one of the European countries

1.     50% tuition discount/scholarship for passport holders of the above mentioned nationalities who enroll in our school as a long-term student (minimum one year) during October 2019 to October 2021. The discount is given for the first year of study.

2.     Admission fee (70.000 yen) and selection fee (20.000 yen) will be exempted for long-term students until October 2021. 

This discount is worth at least $4000 or 3600 Euro. Don't miss this great opportunity. Fill out an information request now!

For other nationalities

1.     Admission fee (70.000 yen) and selection fee (20.000 yen) will be exempted for long-term students until October 2021. This discount is worth about $900.



This offer expires on 2021-10-01

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