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Our approach is based on the belief that the best learning methods combine formal as well as non-formal and informal methods of education. We implement this belief in our programs!

What we do

We are The Netherlands Education Group! We started in 2010 and since then offered educational programs for thousands of participants from around the globe. From the beginning, we decided to be as open as possible, so we have already welcomed people from more than 40 countries in Amsterdam, The Hague, Moscow, Vienna and other places!

Our program combines the formal methods of education – providing the actual knowledge to students (participants of the courses) by the tutor; explaining the material and giving examples. At the same time, we try to involve the methods of non-formal and informal education. We use the games and exercises that allow students in a non-formal way to have a better understanding of the topic, to see the ways of practical use of the knowledge. We try to involve participants in the learning process. We try to activate their thinking about their own experiences which could be relevant to the topic. We believe learning through understanding the relevance of the material to own experience is the most effective.

Participants of the projects usually have great experiences and have a lot to learn from each other. Because of that reason during the projects we create the space for learning each other. We encourage participants to get to know each other more, to spend free time with each other sharing experiences. As the result of our projects we often had new professional partnerships among the participants. We try to make sure that our projects are not just the place to learn about the topic but also an excellent networking opportunity!

Our Services

Background input

TNEG is an educational consultancy helping foreign students come to the Netherlands for business training, networking, setting up a start-up, English language courses, internships, study trips to intergovernmental organizations, or obtaining an MBA degree.

Target audience

Students and young professionals from different countries, especially from African, South-Asian and Eastern European countries, where a visa is required to come to the Netherlands. New partnerships are being explored with the East-Asian markets, in particular China.

TNEG’s unique selling proposition

TNEG offers full-cycle short-term immigration solutions to the Netherlands covering: educational programs, visa support, accommodation and meals.

The full-cycle support by TNEG would give peace of mind to parents or school/university group leaders organizing study-abroad activities.

For business professionals willing to work or do business in the Netherlands, TNEG helps with building their local network (70% of local jobs are closed via networking), learning the rules of doing business, obtaining all required training and help with registering for start-up and similar visas.

Since Dutch employers are not willing to relocate professionals from abroad and/or sponsor their work visa, TNEG acts as a bridge helping people who dream about moving to the Netherlands to come here and increase their chances of employment or starting a business when they are in the country.

Sometimes graduates even from the best universities are missing some key soft skills that are needed to become a good specialist. We established the Netherlands Education Group to close this gap! Our aim is to develop specific soft skills which are usually not taught at universities but still have crucial value for your future career!

Our programs

Our main purpose is to provide everyone with effective skills and knowledge through our short-term programs. Apart from that, we offer other services.

Short-term Educational Programs

Language courses

Corporate Education

Individual Programs

Start-Up School

Business Incubator

Start-up in The Netherlands

Education in The Netherlands

IT Specialists for Projects

Virtual Assistants

Legal Assistance

Finding a Job in the Netherlands

Professional Internship in Amsterdam

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Subjects you can take at The Netherlands Education Group

Special offer (discount 30%) for 1-year Online MBA

Online MBA

+ 1-week stay in Amsterdam! Or even longer!

 Dates: Confirmed with each participant individually
 Duration: 12 months
 Price: from € 4000

The Netherlands Education Group offers an Online MBA program!

Get the knowledge and skills essential for the development of a successful international career! Visit Amsterdam! Our program is designed by professionals who are familiar with both business and academic areas. This program allows you to learn all the foundations of business administration.

Taking into account the ongoing mutability of the world today we are continuously working on including the most modern materials in the program. We offer up-to-date knowledge that will allow you to become a global leader tomorrow!

We invite you to join an innovative program that combines the elements of classical academic education and a practical approach!

Online MBA (Modern Business Administration) program of the Netherlands Education Group is the opportunity to learn about the latest trends and developments of business and gain knowledge and skills that are essential for today’s labor market.

This offer expires on 2024-12-13

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