Kyoshin Language Academy

KYOSHIN is the largest Japanese Language school group in Japan having 10 campuses nationwide in most of the major cities such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Nagoya, Kobe, Fukuoka and more.

Why study at KYOSHIN

1. Largest Japanese Language school group in Japan! 10 Campuses Nationwide!

2. Focusing on learning practical Japanese

3. Well experienced qualified teaching staff

4. Accept 4 times a year on April, July, October, January

                               *April and October only at Fukuoka and Biwako
                               **No beginners course on January


Programs and courses of KYOSHIN

The students studying at Kyoshin Language Academy have a variety of goals. Even if your goal is different from those who want to enter a university or graduate school, or to find a job, strong fundamental Japanese skills are important for everyone who studies the Japanese language. Kyoshin Language Academy offers an array of courses not only for students who wish to purse higher education, but for students who want to acquire communication skills or find employment as well. To help students achieve their goals, we gauge the progress of students and improve their Japanese skills through daily lessons and consultations, etc.

Major campuses of KYOSHIN

Kyoshin OLJ Language Academy (TOKYO)

The Ikebukuro and Otsuka area where the OLJ Language Academy is located is a lively city and the center of Japanese pop culture. Students from 25 countries around the world are constantly studying Japanese at KYOSHIN OLJ Language Academy.  KYOSHIN OLJ Language Academy is focusing on “Listening skills” and “Speaking skills” and focusing on acquiring “high Japanese communication skill”


Kyoshin Language Academy Kyoto Chuo (KYOTO)

Kyoto has many world heritages and traditional cultures and is also famous as a student quarter where famous universities gathers. At Kyoto Chuo School, students from about 20 countries learn Japanese culture and improve their“ Japanese communication skills” by taking in traditional culture experiences unique in Kyoto and interacting with Japanese people.


Kyoshin Language Academy Osaka (OSAKA)

Osaka is a very lively metropolis in the center of western Japan. There are short-term students from about 10 countries. Individual interview with students is having regularly and easy to consult about the course and daily life. We plan optional events every month. You can also enjoy cooking “Takoyaki” or “octopus’ dumplings” which is unique to Osaka.


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Subjects you can take at Kyoshin Language Academy


Number of campus: 10

Place of campus: Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka, K

Number of students: 3335

Course: Long-term (6 months - 2years),

When you can start: April, July, October and Janua

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