Osaka YMCA Japanese Language School

The Japanese education provided at Osaka YMCA encourages and guides people of different backgrounds towards mutual understanding through Japanese Language and culture.

Educational Goals of Osaka YMCA

  • to leverage language skills to make efforts for international work. 
  • to interact with Japanese people and experience Japanese culture so as to expand your world.

In order to achieve such goals, the improvement of Japanese proficiency is indispensable and it is necessary to flexibly adapt to new experiences and be open to others. Japanese language programs at the Osaka YMCA provide support such as necessary and adequate learning curricula, diverse courses to realize such improvement, professional lecturers with abundant abilities and experience, high-quality classes and teaching material development, the newest facilities as well as opportunities for students to interact with the people of Japan and the world and understand each other. In addition, we provide appropriate guidance according to each situation for individual students in learning and life.

The Osaka YMCA started Japanese teaching in 1969 and provided educational orrprtunity of Japanese for 50 years.  
We cultivates the Japanese language abilities that will support active roles in specialized fields, Japanese society and the international scene and also nurtures minds to be open to all the people of the world. Discovering your new abilities will make your future and possibilities clearly visible.

Course Overview and Volunteer activity

The Practical Japanese Course is a course to train students in the ability to master the advanced Japanese necessary for business and real life in Japan. Also, this course supports learning Japanese not only for those who want to live and work in Japan but also for those whose purpose is short-term language training and those who wish to go to a Japanese vocational school. There are 10 levels from Introdutory to Advanced and we can offer the educational opportunity for various level students.

We provide Comprehensive Japanese course for people who wants to enter university / college in Japan. In this course, you can learn Academic Japanese which is necessary for examinations and life at universities, college, and graduate schools.

If you need a student visa for long-term study in both courses, you can apply and obtain it through our school. Also you can also study for 3 months with tourist visa.

The Osaka YMCA provides more opportunities to join volunteer activity than usual Japanese school. At our school, various activities are conducted by volunteers who are eager to fulfill their desires such as interacting with International students, experiencing international/cultural exchange in Osaka or putting to use a particular talent or hobby. Also we have programs which you can meet local Japanese students. Not only studying Japanese, but also you will get valuable experience through our volunteer activity.

School campus and School Neighborhood

The school building, which was relocated in 2017, is located in the southeastern part of Osaka City facing Tamatsukuri-suji Street, which is one of the most important roads in Osaka City, and access is especially convenient. There are 19 classrooms used for Japanese classes in total on the 1st floor through the 4th floor, and a library is on the 2nd floor with plenty of room even for ceremonies and joint classes. In the lobby on the 1st floor, our school’s students can use our free Wi-Fi service and laptops and smartphones can be connected to the Internet. There is a parking lot for bicycles, and students can use it free of charge.

Tennoji Station, which is the nearest station to the school, is a major terminal station in the southern area of Osaka City. There is Abeno Harukas and many other commercial facilities nearby, and access to Namba/Umeda is less than 20 minutes by train, demonstrating the outstanding transportation access. There are also many restaurants and convenience stores around the school, so you can have a comfortable and enjoyable school life.

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Subjects you can take at Osaka YMCA Japanese Language School

Number of Students: 300~400

Number of nationality: 20~30

Minumum Age: 18

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