ACT - The American College of Thessaloniki

ACT is the tertiary division of Anatolia, a notforprofit educational institution dating back to 1886. It is accredited in the US by NECHE and validated by the Open University, UK.

Why ACT?

  • Challenging, high quality study programs with the style and substance of a true American university.
  • A diverse, multicultural environment, as ACT has been the school of choice for over 3000 American students, alongside students from across the globe.
  • Learning in ACTion, an active approach to academic learning that engages students & faculty and immerses them in a rich hands-on community experience.
  • Experienced and highly qualified faculty that are seasoned professionals and approachable in and out of class.
  • Small classroom sizes, which means coursework can be tailored to class needs and each student’s contribution is acknowledged, with opportunities for personalized attention.
  • World-class facilities on a 45-acre campus encompassing the 4,500m2 Bissell Library, a one of a kind library for Southeast Europe, and the Stavros S. Niarchos Technology Center, which gives students access to the latest tools in information technology.
  • Mentoring services, as students have an assigned advisor to counsel them on their academic needs and guide them throughout their studies.
  • Career services that help students prepare for and pursue their careers.

Available degree options

ACT's comprehensive curriculum offers

Bachelor's Degrees 

  • BS (Hons) in Business with concentrations in: International Business & Finance, Entrepreneurial Management, Marketing, Tourism 
  • BS (Hons) in Biological Sciences
  • BS (Hons) in Computer Science
  • BS (Hons) in Business Computing
  • BS (Hons) in Psychology
  • BS (Hons) in Political Science & International Relations
  • BS (Hons) in English with concentrations in: Language & Literature, Communication & New Media.
  • BS in Aviation Management with Pilot Studies program

Master's Degrees

  • Master in Business Administration (MBA) with concentrations in: Banking and Finance, Entrepreneurship, Management, Marketing in the Digital Era
  • MS in Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • MS in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Combined degrees in collaboration with renowned US & EU institutions in a variety of disciplines, such as: Business, Hospitality & Tourism, Engineering, etc.

The city of Thessaloniki

ACT is located in Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece; a true crossroads between East and West, and a gateway to Southeastern Europe. Founded in 315 B.C., historic Thessaloniki is now a modern seaport city of over one million inhabitants renowned for its wide avenues, quaint squares, tree-lined streets, neoclassical buildings, Byzantine monuments, historical museums, modern theaters, ancient ruins and warm hospitality. Discover tasteful restaurants, hip cafes, bustling clubs, and elegant shops.

From the beautiful sandy beaches and crystal clear blue waters of the Chalkidiki peninsula, to the snow covered ski resorts and challenging mountain treks, it’s all within a short drive away. Thessaloniki is ideally located to offer the best of both worlds.

Most importantly, Thessaloniki is a lively university town with well over 100,000 university students. Literally, more than 1 out of every 10 residents is a student. With a large student population, this vibrant city invites and welcomes young people from all over the world.

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Subjects you can take at ACT - The American College of Thessaloniki


Tuition: 900 euros per course/module

Typical Full-Time Term Tuition: 3,600 euros for 4 courses/modules (except Aviation)

MBA Program: 10,560 euros (for the whole program)

MSc Organizational Psychology: 6,900 euros (for the whole program)

MSc Tourism & Hospitality: 6,900 euros (for the whole program)

Aviation Program Fees: 100,000 (paid in many installments)

Nordic Heritage Scholarship

One would think that Nordic people physically and historically are very far apart from the Greek people.

Yet, if one takes a close look back in history and explores the origins of the Byzantine Emperors’ personal guard, they would discover the Varangian Guard.  This guard was an elite Byzantine army corps and it comprised the personal bodyguard of the Byzantine emperors beginning with Emperor Basil II in c. 988 CE.  The ties between the two peoples grew so strong that the Emperor Basil offered his sister as a wife to the Rus Viking ruler, Vladimir I of Kiev (r. 980-1015 CE).  Famous figures, such as Harald Hardrada and the Icelander Bolli Bollason  were a part of the tradition of Scandinavian military service in Byzantium.

This relationship, that started more than 1300 years ago, should not only stop, but it should be enhanced. 
For this reason, ACT offers scholarships of 500/1000 euro (one semester/two semester studies) to all students of Nordic Heritage. Fill out an info request below and mention the promotional code JNG53R on your application to secure the scholarship.

Looking forward to meeting on the ACT campus, and to continue the journey!

This offer expires on 2024-06-30

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