New Zealand Exchange

Take full advantage of high-quality education in the most exotic and welcoming English-speaking country in the world!

Why study in New Zealand?

New Zealand is known not only for its beautiful environment but also for its world-class education. Even though the country is geographically remote, it has developed techniques and technologies to remain at pace with the rest of the world, and often surpassing it. The country is young and free of constricting traditions.

Studying in New Zealand is also an excellent opportunity to explore the pristine nature and take part in tons of thrilling activities and adventures. As the transportation networks are so good, you can be on the other side of the island in a matter of a few hours.

By choosing to stay in the on-campus accommodation with local and international students, you truly get to become a part of the local community.

“Meeting new people from all over the world was easily the highlight of my time at IPU New Zealand. It was surreal that so many nationalities get together in such a pristine little campus like IPU. The experience taught me self-confidence, independence, resourcefulness, a multi-cultural approach to things, global perspective and the ability to express myself better…It was one of the greatest milestones of my life and made up a big chunk of my life experience. It really shaped who I am today” – Olivia, Indonesia

Programs and courses

Choose from studies at several international Diploma and Degree Programmes at one of the highest-ranked tertiary institutions in New Zealand. The subjects range from Social Sciences and International Relations to International Business, Environmental Studies and languages such as Japanese and Mandarin. Depending on your study background, you can take courses from undergraduate or graduate programmes. The maximum amount of credits is 15-30 ECTS depending on the programme and study semester. You can choose to study for 8 or 16 weeks.

Diploma Programmes

  • Diploma of Japanese Studies
  • New Zealand Diploma in Travel and Tourism
  • New Zealand Diploma in Business (Project Management)

Bachelor of Contemporary International Studies 

  • International Business
  • TESOL & Language Studies
  • International Relations
  • Japanese Studies
  • International Environmental Studies

Graduate Diploma of International Studies

  • International Relations
  • International Business
  • Environmental Studies
  • Language Studies

Postgraduate Diploma of International Studies

Destination and Institution

IPU New Zealand is located in Palmerston North, the youthful student hub of the North Island. Compared to the more touristy Auckland and Wellington, Palmerston North still offers low cost of living. A third of its population is aged between 15-30 years. The city’s students come from over 60 countries which makes it a vibrant community. Like-minded people meet at sporting clubs, theatres and cinemas. As Palmerston North has great transportation network, it’s easy to explore other regions. In the city itself, you can easily walk, bicycle or take the bus around.

IPU New Zealand is a private tertiary institution closely linked to its sister university IPU Japan in Okayama. It has reached the highest New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) accreditation. The institute is part of Soshi Educational Group spanning throughout New Zealand, Australia, Japan, China and Vietnam. The campus is located in lush green grounds and services include gym, weight room and a multipurpose court. There are also various tennis courts, a big field for football, a performing arts center, library, supermarket and restaurant. Students can choose to stay in on-campus accommodation, homestay accommodation or find a flat independently.

"People here and at this school are very friendly, supportive and nice. The university is not that big but have all facilities needed." - Amporn, Thailand

Fill out an information request if you are interested in this school. Then you will receive more information from us or the school and you will be eligible for our discounts and special offers.

Fill out an information request if you are interested in this school. Then you will receive more information from us or the school and you will be eligible for our discounts and special offers.

Subjects you can take at New Zealand Exchange

New Zealand Exchange


Tuition Fees: 1790-1990 EUR per semester

Max. amount of ECTS: 15-30

Levels of study: Diploma, Bachelor and Master

Duration of studies: 8-16 weeks

Semester schedules: Jan-Mar / Apr-Jul / Aug-Dec

Type of Visa required: No Visa / Fee-Paying Student Visa

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