Vietnam Exchange

Do you want to study at the no. 1 Business School in Vietnam? Join our exchange program at Foreign Trade University in Ho Chi Minh for a GAP-year or one or two semesters!

Why study in Vietnam?

Vietnam is one of the world’s most rapidly growing metropolitan areas. Besides that, it's a perfect destination for a study abroad. Because of its central location in South-East Asia, Vietnam is a popular destination for travelers. Ho Chi Minh is located in the southern end of Vietnam and was, compared to cities in the North, more influenced by western cultures. Besides the expansive and luxury shopping malls, skyscrapers and rooftop bars, Ho Chi Minh is still home to many remnants of the Vietnam war and historical landmarks.

Vietnam is voted as one of the cheapest countries in Asia. For this reason, most of our students never cook their own food but eat the local street food instead. Street food in Vietnam is delicious and will cost you around $0,90 per meal. If you prefer having western meals, it might cost you $1,70. 

Even though Ho Chi Minh is a very busy and chaotic city, it’s a safe place to travel, live and study. Just trust your gut feelings and don’t be too naïve. If you follow the ‘If you don’t do it at home, then don’t do it in Ho Chi Minh’-rule, you will be totally fine!

Program and courses

Vietnam Exchange offers a GAP-year program and exchange semesters to international students on Bachelor level. All courses and the official University curriculum will be held in English. Per semester students can choose 2-5 courses that match their major studies best. 

Examples of courses in the autumn semester are:

  •  Critical Approach and Business Ethics
  •  E-commerce
  •  International Business
  •  Principles of Management
  •  Econometrics
  •  Principles of Accounting
  •  Business Communication
  •  Professional Ethics and Corporate Governance
  •  Principles of Auditing

Examples of courses in the spring semester are:

  •  Principles of Accounting
  •  Management
  •  International Trade Finance
  •  Financial Statement Analysis
  •  e-Commerce
  •  Introduction to law

The tuition fee is approximately 1900 EUR per semester, the application fee will be 75 EUR. When you apply for two semesters, you will get a 100 EUR discount. Please note that there might be additional fees upon arrival in Vietnam, such as for visa application, registration, orientation, co-curricular and service fees. When calculating your budget, please also take into account flight tickets, accommodation and other costs of living.

No. 1 Business School Foreign Trade University

Foreign Trade University, also known as FTU is a public university established in 1960. FTU is the no.1 Business School and one of the most prestigious universities in Vietnam. The university believes in innovation and development and offers a wide range of majors and specializations to its students. Lectures, workshops and excursions will give you a strong understanding of International Business Management, Finance, Business Economics, Banking and Logistics.

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Subjects you can take at Vietnam Exchange

Vietnam Exchange


Tuition fee: 1890 EUR

Max credits per semester: 30 ECTS

Level of study: Bachelor

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This offer expires on 2028-06-24

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