My language course in Santa Monica, LA

Do you dream about studying in the US and Los Angeles? Here is an article from our student Vilma Pettersson describing her English language course in Santa Monica.

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Santa Monica is a place you have often seen on in movies, on TV, and in photos. It is a place many people dream about, a place that suddenly became real for me. With the help of I took a one week English language course at the school CEL in Santa Monica.

I felt euphoric as soon as the taxi left the airport and we passed a lot of palm trees next to the highway. The sunset made the trees black silhouettes against the bright orange sky.  The car windows were open to let in a warm breeze, and the driver’s Californian accent was louder than the radio playing in the background.

My host mother received me with open arms. Both the family and the school were very helpful and friendly, and wherever I went, I was surrounded by smiling people that were always willing to give a helping hand. Everyone tried to make me feel at home, and I had a great time wherever I went in the city.

Every day I walked down Wilshire Boulevard to the school with feel-good music in my headphones and brilliant sunshine to accompany me. I had my breakfast in the school’s common room together with students from all over the world. It was easy to find people to talk to and I found myself improving my English day by day by using it in real life situations. The lessons were fun, and I never felt afraid of making mistakes since we were constantly encouraged to dare to use our English.

In the afternoons my newly found classmates, and I spent many hours at Santa Monica pier where different street artists never stopped entertaining us. I also visited Venice Beach and Hollywood. In California, you can meet new unique people everywhere. Instead of trying to fit in people are just being themselves.

I felt very happy and inspired during my stay in Santa Monica. Every night I went to bed with hundreds of new impressions. People, words, scents, places, and experiences that I had never thought I would experience. The trip was filled with magic moments, from the beginning until the end. When my plane flew over Los Angeles on my way home, I could only smile.

I was not sad to leave; I was happy to know that I will be back again!

/Vilma Pettersson

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