How can I fund my studies?


My name is John  and I am from Greece.  I am interested in studying in France. My major is management.  If I would like to study in a private school in France ex Hec uni,  do you know any way to cover my tuition fees cost apart from scholarships  ex study loans. Also,  could you please tell me how much is approximately the cost of life in France and especially in Paris? 

Thank you 

Asked by: John Giannoulis, 2 years ago


Hi John,

Student loans, grants and scholarships are the primary form of funding if you don't have saved money or any relatives who can help you pay for your tuition. Since you study within the EU you are also allowed to work in France. While there is no guarantees this could help you with the funding, especially if you speak good French and/or have some special skills that can help you on the job market.

I am no expert on living costs in Paris. Sorbonne University claims that it is possible to get by on 1000 Euros per month but that would depend on you finding cheap accommodation and not spending too much, otherwise you can easily spend 1500 Euro or more. Accommodation can be quite expensive in Paris.

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