How much money do I need to study language at Korean university?

Hello, I wanted to give it a try, for the past few months I thought about it a lot. I can't say we're poor family, but we're not rich either. Is there any chance for me to study in Korea, if I won't afford to get Government scholarship at first? If I would go to study the language under chosen university, is there a way to get any financial help and if yes, how long after I would start learning the language? The only burden is the money, if I wouldn't made it on my own, should I just give up?

Asked by: Jana, 2 years ago


For language courses at Korean Universities you usually need to show that you have $10000 USD in order to get accepted and get a student visa. While universities often have partial scholarships for undergraduate programs (for example for students who achieved a good TOPIK-level on their language course) I am not familiar with any korean KLI that offers scholarship or financial aid to language students who are not of Korean descent. The exception is our own DreamStudies scholarship but the amount is only 1000 Euro, so even if you get it you would still need $9000 of your own money.

We can help students who have the required funding to study Korean at universities and language schools in Korea. Fill out our information request form if you want help.

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