Can I receive CSN if I have awarded a scholarship in EU?

I am studying in Ireland and I am awarded an scholarship in Ireland. Can I receive CSN as well. My scholarship is not taxable so it is not consider as income.

Asked by: sara, 2 years ago


If you are of Swedish nationality you can receive CSN for studying in Ireland. The only effect your scholarship will have on CSN is that it might lower the loan you can get for the tuition fee but it will not affect the grant and loans you can get for other costs. However, if you receive student aid for living costs from another EU country you will not be eligible to get CSN at the same time. Read more in Swedish at

You can also read more about student grants and loans from CSN on our Swedish website where you can use our CSN-calculator to see how much money you can get.

Answered by: Johan from, 2018-08-29 15:50:04 This is an accepted answer.

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