What happens If i discontinue my application for studying abroad?

I would like to inquire about the student visa thing. If, for example, I am currently enrolled in one agency offering Japanese study and sponsorship to Japan, then at the end of the study, I passed and already have a COE. Then fees start to flood and I am drowned, what are the possible effects on me if I decide not to continue my application in acquiring a student visa due to High Fees the agency requires? Is it legal Fees by the way? What are the acceptable Fees under student visa in Japan? And also, my sponsor paid for my tuition in studying the language, if I will not continue, do I have to pay back what my sponsor paid for me to the agency? Am I Banned in entering Japan because of that?

Hope you answers my inquiry. It will be such a great HELP on my end.

Thanks you.
Nep De Guzman

Asked by: Nep De Guzman, 5 years ago


Ok, lets break this down into some separate questions:

What happens if you cancel your application?

In this case you will not be able to go to Japan and you will lose all non-refundable fees that you have paid to the school and or the agency so far. If you reapply later on you might have to explain why you choose not to go in the first time you were issued a CoE but you will not be banned from Japan. However, we can of course never guarantee that the Japanese Migration authorities will approve your application the next time.

What fees are acceptable and legal when applying to study on a student visa in Japan?

There are two kind of fees here. Fees to the school and possible fees to the agency. Japanese schools break down their costs into many different fees. A common breakdown for a one year course at a Japanese language school could look something like this (just an example):

  • Visa application fee 30000 yen
  • Registration fee 50000 Yen
  • Tuition fee 680000 Yen
  • Textbooks and facility fee 40000 Yen
  • Total 800000 Yen

Agencies in Western countries can often help students free of charge without adding any additional fees. However, for students from Africa and Asia it is much harder to get visas to Japan so there agencies often add their own fee as well. It is up to the agencies to decide how big fees they add. As long as they inform about them in advance and you have agreed to their terms and conditions there is not much you can do. However, if they add new fees which you have not been informed about or agreed upon you could file a complaint and take legal action if necessary.

Do I have to pay back to my sponsor?

I don't know what relationship or agreement you have with your sponsor, but yes it sounds reasonable that you pay back to them if you won't go ahead with your studies. However, many schools would refund the tuition fees if you cancel before the course starts. But if you still want to study in Japan it will probably be cheaper to just pay the required fees now then to lose a lot of money due to the cancellation and then start from scratch again.

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