Can you give me a scholarship?

Sir, I want to study further, my dad got died, no one is earning member in the family. I left my study and started a job, now I want to study again, can u give me a scholorship, I am very good in studies also got good percentage.

Asked by: MANOJ KUMAR PARAKH, 3 years ago


I am sorry to hear about your situatition. We get a lot of questions like this and I am sorry but the short answer is no. Even though we would like to we do not have any economical means to help individual students to finance their studies. We recently launched DreamStudies study abroad scholarship that you can apply for but the amount is not big enough to support a long term program.

We help students with free information about studying abroad in the form of articles, guides, videos etc. To get a scholarship you will have to do the research and write scholarship applications as we have described in our article scholarships for studying abroad. For students with poor economy we can also recommend our article study abroad for free where we give you information on how and where you can study abroad with no or low tuition fees.

Answered by: Johan at DreamStudies, 2017-07-05 08:55:58 This is an accepted answer.

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