Can I apply for an I20, after receiving 1 from another Uni?


Greeting!I have received and I20 from a US university. Before I could pay the SEVIS Fee of USD 200, I received an acceptance letter from another university - which I prefer.

If I apply for an I20 with the second university - will it be ok, or I cannot apply for another I20?

Thanx for your early reply.



Asked by: Amar, 6 months ago


If you have not already submitted your visa application to the US embassy it should not be any problem. Just use the I-20 from the school you want to study at when you apply. However, if you have already submitted your application based on another school I-20 you would need to change it. In that case, you should see if you can change it in the online application system (I think it depends on how far along you are in your application).

It should definitely be possible for you to change school at this point. Either by changing your current application or by submitting and paying for a new application instead. Contact your school or the US immigration authorities for further information on how to proceed if you cannot update your current application.

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