How can i earn study visa?

Asked by: Kashif Tariq, 8 months ago


The exact process varies depending on where you want to study, but usually it goes like this:

  1. Apply to a school abroad and show them that you have enough money to pay for your studies abroad.
  2. Once a school accepts you and you have paid a deposit they will send you the documents you need for your visa application. An I-20 document from US schools, a CoE from Australian schools etc.
  3. Then you can apply to for a student visa to the country where you want to study. You will need to convince them that your main purpose is to study and that you intend to return to your home country once your student visa has expired.

As long as you get accepted to a program abroad, and you have enough money to pay for it and follow the visa instructions then you have a good chance to get a student visa. However, every country has their own visa rules. Unfortunately some nationalities has a harder time getting a visa than others. It can depend on how many students of your nationality that are applying to a specific country and how well previous students from your country has behaved.

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