can I study abroad with only my OL results?

Now I am 17 years old and I like to study in US.But still I didn't face to my AL exam.So is there any chance to study in US with my OL results?

Asked by: jithmini yohansa, 5 months ago


Different countries have different grading systems. I am not familiar with the AL/OL exams, but I guess you are referring to Sri Lanka. In that case I understand that AL is usually seen as equivalent to English A-levels which is needed to study at university level. However, it depends on what you want to study in the US. Language schools will accept you regardless of your educational background. American Community Colleges can often accept students that don't have a complete High School diploma while Universities in the US usually demand that you have completed 12 years in school (graduated from High School) with acceptable grades. For more details see the admission requirements for international students on the schools website.

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