Do I need only good grade in math to study BIT in Australia?

Hi, I want to study BIT in Australia. I have low grades except math! Could university enrol me?

Asked by: Raban Kathariya, 8 months ago


This kind of question is impossible to answer since all universities have different requirements and I don't know how low your grades are. If you have a high school diploma and fulfill the minimum requirements of the school that you are applying to you have a chance to get accepted. However, your gpa plays an important role in university admissions so you will not be able to get into high ranking and competitive universities, but you could have a chance at lower ranking universities if the rest of your application is good and you have the funding needed for tuition fees etc.

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Answered by: Johan from, 2019-02-18 12:15:14 This is an accepted answer.

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